Why am I tired all the time?


Obviously it’s hard to give blanket advice for everyone, and everyone is unique in their needs but there is one thing I have noticed consistently lately. Many of us spend too much time inside, and a simple energy boost can be just walking outside and getting some vitamin D from the sun. I also take Vitamin D pills, but just walking outside for twenty minutes and let nature revitalize you will help some people’s energy levels. Angels also recommend doing something that balances you, either a martial art or yoga. I’ve noticed my vibration raises by just doing a 20 minute yoga session. Also, ask a healer if you have cords you need to cut or any spiritual attachments because those can drain you as well. You can also have a healer balance your chakras so that energy flows through your crown to your feet. So, there could be multiple reasons why, but getting outside more is a good start for anyone.