Redundant Patterns in our Life


Does it seem like you go through the same kind of relationship over and over again?  Or do you have the same thing happen to you continuously but doesn’t seem to happen to anyone else?  You may have a fear or belief in your subconscious that is running like a program in the background.  These fears and beliefs can bring to us situations that we do not want, because we are creators of our reality.  The beliefs can be on the core (current life beliefs), genetic, historical (past life) or soul levels.  Sometimes we are aware of these beliefs because they come up as thoughts and sometimes we are not aware of them.  How do you stop the cycle?  Energy healing is the fastest, most painless way to remove and resolve these fears and beliefs.  Of all the healing modalities I have come across, Theta Healing is the best for them, and I have personal experience that if you take care of these your life will change and the cycles stop.  I’ve had to do repairs on my beliefs and fear concerning love, relationships, family, money, jobs, abundance, and health.  The list goes on.  Think about how many lives you’ve probably had.  You probably have a lot of fears and beliefs that need to be removed or resolved after all of that time.  Once I cleared or resolved these beliefs I was able to improve by career, money, health, weight and relationships.   If you are interested in repairing some of your subconscious beliefs, feel free to check out my website,  I offer Theta Healing over the phone so you can sit in the comfort of home while receiving Theta.

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