Angel Signs and Messages


Our angels, guides and the divine send us signs throughout the day to let us know we are on the right path, for guidance and to know that they are there with you all the time.  Some of these signs can be feathers you find, birds, rainbows, butterflies, repeating numbers (333, 555,444,1111), pennies you find on the ground, candle wick shapes when burned, flashing lights out of the corner of your eye, cloud shapes, and songs repeating in your head.  Songs will contain messages for you, usually short maybe one or two lines in the song and it will be positive.  No one else mentions this in their writing, but something my angels do for me is change the shape of my candle wick when it is burning to give me messages.  Some are more obvious like hearts for love and some may need you to listen or use your intuition for the answer (tarot helps too).  Feathers come from angels, they use feathers and birds to represent their presence.  Repeating numbers can be found on clocks, license plates, receipts and anywhere else there are numbers.  Meanings for repeating numbers can be found here:  Listen or use your intuition for what these signs mean for you.

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