I’m sure some of you have wondered what your dreams mean. You wake up and run through it trying to  decode the message.  Some are easier to see the message and some are not.  If you don’t intuitively understand your dream I recommend that you write it down and review it for the next week.  I usually write it down in a dream journal I keep by my bed.  That way I can write it down immediately after waking, so I can get the most details.  If it doesn’t make sense now, it might later, maybe in 24 hours or within the week.  When you look back on your dreams a light bulb might go off and it might remind you of something that happened during the week.  Use your intuition when interpreting your dreams.  If it doesn’t make sense right away, wait a bit for the validation.  You might find out that it was in fact a premonition of things to come.

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