Pyramid Release Healing


This is a releasing mediation I learned from Cythina Silk, the famous angel channeler on the Best Psychic Directory.

Lay down, in your bed or in some comfortable chair. Imagine yourself in a crystal pyramid, whatever color that comes up is fine.  Ask that Archangel Raphael and his angels (you can include an ascended master of course) join you and help you release whatever pain or negativity that is still holding you back, both from past lives and current life.  Then just imagine yourself being in this pyramid for a while.  It might take 30 minutes but the angels will remove this negativity and heal these areas.  I do this before I fall asleep at night in my bed, that is where it is most comfortable for me.

Some common areas for many people to work on:

  1. Love and relationships (you can do it by the person as well)
  2. Family issues
  3. Career issues
  4. Racism or prejudice (even if you feel prejudiced against)
  5. Friendships/relationships with others (non-love)

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