How to listen to your Intuition and Feelings


A lot of people ask me how to listen to their intuition.  They know they are intuitive but have some doubts on what is intuition, feelings, doubts, worries, or messages when they try to actively use it.  I tell my friends, listen to your positive feelings first.  That is the first step.  Want to go to the bookstore?  Go for it.  Want to go get a fish taco, go ahead!  You may find a feather on your way, or a coin.  The name of the person you are interested in on the tv screen.  All of these are messages.  For intuition, I tell people that it is usually the first thing that comes to mind.  It is the first thing you see on the menu or the first chair you see at the bar.  Just happened to me tonight actually.  The person I sat next to ended up giving me the message I needed as validation.  Intuition will be quieter than doubts and fears, and doubts and fears usually come after your intuitive thought.  Sometimes we get a knowing, where we are just right and that is the end of it.  That is intuition as well.  So, I would say concentrate on following your positive feelings first, then work on following that first thought, and ignoring the doubts after.  The more you do it, the more validation you receive and the better you will be at listening to it.  Then magical things really start happening for the better.

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