Information on the Fairy, also Known as Fairies (Faeries)

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fairy, fairy, fairy

I’ve had a few experiences with fairies (faeries) that I can share with you.  I’ve actually seen a few fairies in my life, one with my eyes open and another in a meditative state.  They can be really cool.  Here are a few things I have learned.

  • Having problems with training your pets or getting them to do what you want?  I’ve been told that fairies, divas and elementals can act as their guardians and guides.  Some people can have fairies around them consistently as well (I’ve noticed this with red haired or people with celtic heritage).  If you have trouble training your pet ask their fairies to help with whatever it is.  I would talk to the fairies out loud, or ask your angels to deliver the message if you are in a situation where you can’t.  I have had a lot of success with this and highly recommend it.
  • Lost pet?  Ask their fairies or fairies around you to guide your pet home.  Consistently this has worked for me, and my friends’ pets have guided themselves home, often times my friends will find the pet standing outside their door calling to them.
  • They can help you communicate with your pets (plants, stones, etc).  Just talk to your pet out loud and ask their fairy’s (ies) help with understanding between you.
  • They like it when you talk to them.  Also, they like organic fruits, nuts and home baked goods (as organic as possible).  If you want to thank them present them with a few of these things in a pretty dish and say out loud that this is for them and whatever message you want them to hear, such as thank you for returning my pet, playing with my pet, etc.  I usually light a candle or leave a few small crystals out (usually I do a ring of chakra crystals around a candle).  Any combination of these things (leaves, shells, stones, feathers) and a verbal statement letting them know you did this for them will be appreciated.  After I did this once, I saw my first fairy when I woke up in the middle of the night with my own eyes.  Very cool.
  • They can Heal You.  When I walk outside I ask God to send me any combination of fairies, divas and elementals that are best and highest for me to help me heal or ground to earth, and then ask that God send them something they want in return for helping me out.  I can usually feel them working right after that and feel great after my walk.
  • They can play with your animals.  When I first got my cat I felt bad every time I had to go to work, so I asked before I left that the fairies would play with her when I left.  Shorty there after I would see her chasing a little pink circle the size of an inch around the home.  Made me feel much better.
  • They like it when you do things for animals and the environment.  Picking up trash, cleaning up the neighborhood, and recycling are all easy things to do to show you care.
  • Whenever I ask the fairies, elementals or divas for anything, I go through God first and then ask God to give them something in return for helping me.  It’s kind of like when humans do work, they like to be paid for their time.  Same thing here. Also going through God first allows God to adjust for any energies or entities that are not in your best interest.

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