black hole

There can be multiple reasons why you feel empty.  Some of it may have to do with needing to ground or a feeling of separation from God or others.  When we feel empty we may turn to addictions such as food, alcohol or other activities which can actually be quite grounding activities and therefore help us feel better, but may cause guilt/shame later on. A common reason for feeling empty can be a fear of or disconnect with God.  Many of us were raised in religions that told us in different ways that God is to be feared, but God can provide unlimited energy and love that can fill that emptiness you feel faster than anything.  So here is the fastest way to feel better without directly healing the underlining issue:

-Ask God every morning to send you what energy and love you need to feel complete, whole, satisfied and fulfilled for the next 24 hours.  End with “It is done, it is done, it is done, and so it is” to establish intention.

-If you feel a bit ungrounded (unfocused, dizzy, hard to concentrate, unusual anxiety) also try to ground yourself.  Running your hands under water, taking a shower, walking barefoot outside, and holding a black stone are all good ways to ground.  You can also ask God to help keep you grounded as well. Check out other ways on the web including here: http://www.healingcrystals.com/What_Are_Different_Ways_to_Ground_Yourself__Articles_5917.html

To directly heal the underlining issue of why you feel separated from God or fear God, I recommend Theta Healing, which I provide over the phone and in person.  Please visit http://www.feathersinfinity.com to setup an appointment with me.

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