Releasing Anxiety and Stress


Do you feel unexplained anxiety or stress?

There are multiple reasons why this may be happening, depending on how “strong” you are with your metaphysical abilities.  If you are an empath, you could be sensing someone else’s issues, in that case just say in your mind “This is not me, it is someone else” and it will go away.

If you haven’t healed yourself energetically in a while you may have some negative energy backed up, mostly probably in your legs that need to be released.  This can cause anxiety, alcohol addictions, and overeating to name a few.  Your body wants to release it and here are a few ways to do that my yourself (with angels of course).

Option 1:  Close your eyes, take a few breaths, and imagine roots coming from the bottom of your feet down into mother earth, until they hit her core.  Imagine the negative energy as a color, it could be black, brown, red, orange, or yellow commonly.  Relax, then imagine you releasing it, almost like a liquid, from your head through the bottoms of your feet into mother earth.  Make sure you are imagining it going into the ground, not into your room.  If you make this mistake then ask angels to transmute this energy (the way you can tell is you will feel tired in the room you cleansed in while energetic elsewhere).  Wait until that whole color is gone.  If you see another color pop up, release it.  Sometimes I’ll release all the colors listed above, as they represent different things or layers.  When it feels like you released enough imagine green energy coming above through your head filling you up.  The other color appropriate for this replacement is gold, as it transmutes negative energy into positive.  No other color should be used to replace negative.  The purpose of this is when you remove something, you should replace it, most of time.  When this is complete you can open your eyes and go about your day.

Option 2: This is quick and easy and great to do in the morning because it instantly restores your energy.  Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths.  Imagine your angels (or God) removing your legs, one by one.  They take your leg, put it in a big vat of gold and the leg turns to gold.  From their closet off to the side, they pull out a brand new gold leg and replace your leg that was removed with it.  Do this process for each leg (remember the feet!), your hip area, torso, arms, throat and head.  Once complete you will feel so much better and it will be easier to get out of the bed in the morning.

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