Feng Shui, Basics

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Feng shui can get pretty complicated, so this blog is to focus on the basics, for beginners. If you’d like to dig deeper I recommend any of the many books found in your local library or Amazon.

Basically, Feng shui is more than how to just rearrange your furniture, its about bringing good energy and luck to you, and protect you from the inauspicious. Experts say there are energy lines that are auspicious (good luck) and some that bring shar chi (bad luck). I got into it intuitively when I started wondering if there was a more passive way to bring me positive energy and good luck in my life.

Note: You may think you know where your North, South, East and West are, but double check with Google maps. Your front door may be facing Northwest, not North, check to be sure.


Wealth is probably the most asked about but as I write this I’ll remind you to find balance by reviewing and paying attention to all areas and sides of your home to bring peace and overall happiness. Place in the southeast area of your home any or all of the following:

  • Affirmations list such as “I enjoy what I already have and own”, “I am rich”, “I am financially abundant.”
  • Water fountain or a representation of water (picture, cup of water, color blue). If you use water refresh it every 2-3 days.
  • Wood in the form of a live plant; but no dead wood or drift wood, no dead or wilting plants
  • Abundance Crystal grid – youtube videos online on how to construct these
  • Green and prosperous plant (not cactus or spiky plant)
  • Avoid putting : metals, fire


For success and positive energy in Fame, or as I put it a positive reputation, put the following in the South area of your home:

  • Positive affirmations about your fame such as “People like me”, “People speak well of me”, “I have a positive reputation”, “I receive positive reviews”
  • Fire (lit candles) or pictures of fire, red decor
  • An image or statue of the Phoenix, particularly auspicious if you are a rooster year
  • Avoid putting in the South corner: water


For success and positive energy in career put the following in the North area of your home:

  • Positive affirmations about your career such as “My career is successful”, “I am good at what I do”, “I appreciate my career”
  • A bell for success
  • A 3 legged turtle to represent the celestial turtle
  • Water or representions of water as well as metal objects (I use keys and coins)

School and learning

If you are in school or have children that are, or you are continually improving on your own education, put on the Northeast corner of your home:

  • I recommend anything using the element of air as well as air is associated with intelligence and mental clarity
  • Quartz or other crystals that can help with intelligence
  • Positive affirmations such as “I learn easily”, “I am intelligent”, “Others know I am intelligent”
  • Element of Earth

Love and relationships

To bring more love, relationships or marriage into your life put into the Southwest corner of your home or room:

  • A list of positive qualities you bring to your relationship
  • Positive affirmations about your relationships such as “I have a successful loving relationship”, “I am attractive”, “I have a long term, compatible relationship now”
  • The double happiness symbol
  • The red Chinese knot
  • A list of qualities you are looking for in a partner (be realistic)
  • Element of Earth, no fire, no metals

Mentors and helpful friends

Good mentors can launch your career or improve other areas of your life such as romance or fame. To bring good or better mentors into your life but in the Northwest corner of your home the following:

  • A list of what you look for in a mentor
  • Element: Metals, either metal art or other metal décor (I use a lot of key décor and key art)
  • Positive affirmations about your mentor(s)

Family and Physical Health

  • East side of the home
  • Elements: Wood and water
  • Positive affirmations concerning your family and health
  • Crystals or other tokens that remind you of health
  • Bamboo
  • Affirmations for areas you want to improve such as “I enjoy exercising”, “I can fit exercise into my schedule”, “I eat healthfully”
  • Pictures of healthy food
  • Pictures of healthy people with healthy bodies that inspire you

Spiritual Health

For better health for yourself put in the center of your home:

  • Tokens that mean spiritual health to you
  • Affirmations around your spirituality or spiritual health (I use a lot around peace)
  • Elements of Earth, Fire, the color yellow (I used a stone box with a yellow tealight candle in it along with my affirmations)

Children, Creativity and New Projects

To improve areas in your life concerning children or creativity put in the West side of your home:

  • Metal
  • Wind chime
  • No wood
  • Pictures of children if you want children
  • Positive affirmations concerning your children, creativity or new projects

Celestial animals

There is a whole philosophy on how your home should be situated in a Valley between mountains and that the Green Dragon Mountain to the north should be higher than the White Tiger Mountain to the south. Mostly bringing in these celestial animals is an additional way to bring in positive Chi, protection, and clairity into your home and life. If you would like to bring the celestial animals into your home the green dragon should be on the east side, the white tiger should be on the West Side, the turtle should be on the North side and the Phoenix should be on the south side. Some say you should picture in your mind a yellow snake and the center of your home as well. I have pictures of these beings in my home but you can also purchase ceramic figurines and pictures online as well.


For the most part these Celestial animals can provide protection as well as stable positive Chi for the home.

There are other aspects of Feng shui that involve the position of your furniture and goods in your home as well as what to do about Corners that are inauspicious. Much of it has to do with balance so be aware of having too much of one color or having too much light in one room and not enough light in another. There are many good books out there if you want to learn more about feng shui, go with your intuition when choosing one best for you.

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Elements associated with each area. Source: Andrea Knight, mediumandreaknight.com

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