Soul Mates and Twin Flames

You may have met your soul mate or twin flame, or you are curious where yours could possibly be! I’ve met my twin flame, a couple soul mates, and even more soul connections. I hope in this article to show you that they do exist, you are not alone, and give some advice on how to proceed. Every situation is different so if you need more specific advice tailored to your situation, feel free to set up a reading with your archangels here:

History / Background

My twin flame and I met years ago at an event. I was there to be supportive and to wish her an early birthday. Ultimately after I left I received several signs, strongly, that she was someone significant in my life. I started experiencing metaphysical separation anxiety and noticed my psychic mediumship abilities heightening to new levels. I was automatic writing more than ever, and what I had written would become true shortly thereafter. After a few readings I received that we were supposed to meet and even be together in this life. However, we’ve had a number of past lives where we were separated by status, one of us being wealthy and the other being blue collar or poor. One life was during King Henry’s VIII’s reign where I was an equestrian and she was of the high court. She married in the high court because of her family’s insistence, unhappily, and dropped our engagement. I also saw a glimpse of a past life in India as well. The cultural or social status difference kept us separated and caused a lot of sorrow, separation, sickness or death in more than one past life. While I do have friends and family from all levels of society / status in this life, she keeps herself in a protective bubble of high society even today. She is currently married, we don’t speak and she has not indicated that she is consciously aware of our very strong connection. I have not told her as that would be questionable morally since she is married.

Two other soul mates, one male and another female, have entered my life since then as well as many soul connections. Both entered and left my life happily, with no sorrow and I saw that with the woman in particular we had multiple happy past lives. Her energy is very loving, comfortable and almost euphoric. This was, among other things, to show me that you can have multiple soul mates, some with happy past lives, and that things can go well in my relationships. I am capable of having a positive, successful relationship.

Advice + Solutions

I don’t have any current plans to do anything about these past soul mates, rather let them continue with their lives. The women are married and I don’t date men in this life. I have social media connections to the soul mates but not the Twin Flame. If we happen to meet again and be friends, great.

Instead, I look to new horizons and appreciate what I do have rather than concentrating on what I don’t have. I put energy and thought into being happy, satisfied and fulfilled.

Many of my clients come to their reading to ask me what to do next with their soul mate. Often times they are separated from them for one reason or another . Here is some general advice I can give depending on the situation. For more specific advice tailored to your situation please setup a reading with me at

If there are no serious blocks to you two getting together:

  • Visualize that which you perceive is not going right actually going well as if it is going well now. The now part is important. You are sending positive energy to the situation and asking for assistance from the universe, God, angels and other manifesting beings such as elementals and nature spirits. Go in with the intention of not necessarily manipulating rather that you believe that things will go well and you are asking for help from the divine.
  • Continue to work on how you feel about yourself. How you feel about your beauty, how you are treated can be in your energy field and people will react to it. Work on your “glow” as it were. People will start reacting differently when you feel and think differently about yourself. Affirmations and belief work helps as does theta healing which I can do over distances here:

If there are serious blocks such as marriage, they are not interested in dating your gender, or other:

  • Meditate, thank your angels and guides for joining you, visualize the white light around you for protection, and then wait for answers and guidance. Continue to ask for guidance if you continue to have feelings for the person that is strong but the block continues to persist. The reasoning maybe the timing is off or it’s something that needs to be healed on one side and/or the other. Energy healers and mediums can help you see the past lives that may be causing some of the blocks as well.
  • Go through the letting go process. Throw out or sell anything that reminds you of them. Push feelings and thoughts of them aside consistently. Hold the intention that you plan on keeping their energy outside of your energy consistently. Sometimes their energy can give us the illusion that they are interested but that’s just their energy not their physical conscious self. It’s very important to visualize sending their energy back to them and retrieving your energy that they may have and send it back to yourself. This often brings me peace.
  • Find a real or mental bridge person to think about that makes you happy until you find the next romantic interest.
  • Do things that make you happy and not thinking of them. Watch comedy, listen to music, walk along water, go out to eat, talk with friends, play video games. Live a happy life now.
  • When you start dating again, don’t expect it to feel the same as the twin flame. It will feel different. Don’t forget that soul mates are special, that’s why we label them as such, so they will feel stronger than those that are not. They are often reminders we are all connected or what we need to work on. Work on your next relationship thinking you can create something wonderful and it will be. You can receive love again without the roller coaster ride and without the separation. Instead expect that you have to get to know the person, it will take time, unconditional love, and you’ll need to get underneath several layers to reach that level again. Give another person a chance to receive the awesomeness you can provide.

As for me? I’m going to a singles dance, tonight! No joke! This monthly event has been the source of many unexpected dates and romantic interludes. As for the rest of you, best of luck. Look me up for a reading of your own. I have many years of experience delivering messages from those crossed over on the other side to those going through a soulmate relationship.

Happy dating!