Is He Leaving “The Wife?”

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By Andrea Knight,

Happy New Year!

The New Year can be something magical for most of us. As many people say, “A new year, a new life!”

However I noticed over the years some patterns stay the same.

The holidays can be a busy time for psychics. Today was no exception. I get on instant chat, bam, one call right after another, after 2 hours I was almost finished with my daily financial goal and I hadn’t eaten yet.

You say to yourself, well of course, everyone wants to know how the new year will turnout. Some of it is that, but mostly I get the same thing evey year.

Katie met Mitch on the beach in her state of Florida in June. He said he was separated and was getting a divorce. So they proceeded to get together and have a passionate, romantic whirlwind of a vacation together. Unfortunately he lives in New Hampshire so he leaves and goes back home. Months roll by, they talk, get closer. End of the year, she is stuck at home on Christmas Eve by herself. Christmas Day rolls by. Nothing, haven’t heard from him, not a peep. 6:30 am the day after Christmas she gets a text, not a call, not a FaceTime, a text, “Hey, baby”.

How would you feel?

Well she’s pissed. She’s spent the whole holiday waiting for him to call and nothing for two days.

If you love someone you reach out on the holiday, one day or both.

He says he had to spend the holidays with family. That the rest of the family doesn’t know they are separated. He has obligations and an image to keep up.

I give her what spirit says because they always know the right thing to say. They are sympathetic to all sides. Well, this isn’t a reading, this is a blog. So what I say to you is…

Yeah, so?

So he couldn’t go to the bathroom Christmas Eve or Day, close the door, text her in less than 5 seconds “Hey baby”, delete the message and then go back to family?

I get these calls every year. Every year. Not always the same person. If you haven’t been in the situation, it can be tough on my clients. They aren’t idiots. They are educated, sometimes even masters degrees. Some are middle class, some are rich, all status levels here. They know they are the “other woman” here, they never call themselves the mistress, but they have feelings. Its hard to separate emotionally even when all the signs says, “Girl, he’s never leaving the wife”.

When you love someone, you will make the time to reach out to them regardless of whatever sticky situation you may find yourself in. If he thought he was truly getting a divorce then he should maintain the relationship he thinks he will be in the future. That would be a wise investment.

As far as the clients that come to me every year asking me the usual question, “Is he going to leave the wife”, what I have to say to you is watch out for the signs. Yes go to God and your guides and ask them is this the best path for both of you but I would also put a timestamp on it. Not that love has a timestamp but for practicality purposes and for your own sanity not to mention for your own pocketbook depending on how much you go to psychics asking this question ($5 a minute can add up quickly, especially when you are feeling emotional and need to talk). After two years of him not leaving the wife, maybe take it as a Hint. It may be time to let go, get to acceptance at the end of the grief cycle and to move on.

Do some husbands get a divorce? Yes. Usually within 2 years of making that decision. Do some husbands chicken out and drag along the “lady on the side”, intentionally or not? Yes. It happens. Sometimes for years. Longest I’ve heard was 9 years so far from what I can recall. That is why I say, given a situation where he really does have good intentions and really is planning to leave his wife, give it 2 years. After that, in my experience, he has chickened out and the fear is stopping him from moving forward, or he never intended to go through it and was lying to be blunt.

What I would say to you is it doesn’t mean that the soulmate connection or the twin flame connection does not exist, it may exist, you can feel it, he may even feel it, but there’s more grounded things going on here. You have to look at what’s going on on the physical level, is he too afraid to leave the wife for financial considerations, afraid of how other people will judge him, or is he really just not that serious about marrying you, and you really are truly “the lady on the side.”

Example of a real reading 01/01/2021, identities hidden for client protection. This reading popped up after I wrote this article, illustrating how holidays do strongly bring this issue up for clients

So that’s my advice to you after doing this for years. This happens to me every year, of course I feel sympathy for these ladies. However, after I’ve delivered the messages from those crossed over, which is always wise as they’re sympathetic to everyone involved and always have the best thing to say in these kinds of situations, afterwards I just want to scream and tell all these ladies like you would tell your girlfriend, “GIRL, he’s never leaving the wife!”

The thing is this, it’s more complicated for a psychic medium sometimes because we do see that there’s a soul connection here that draws the woman back in. It can also get complicated when it comes to Attachment Theory and other psychological problems that both sides may be dealing with. She may really not want commitment for long term with him, and all the obligation that comes with that. She may really not want a husband but maybe she hasn’t admitted that to herself on a conscious level so she finds herself in these situations of always being with a married man, just enough distance so that she doesn’t have to deal with him 100% and take on that obligation.

However I would say to simplify things I would love to give you an equation or recipe here. Yes acknowledge that there’s a soul connection, yes you maybe know each other on the other side and the unconditional love feeling can be intense, however if he has not left the wife in 2 years those fears have clearly taken a control over any motivation he may have to leave her. The love he has is not able to overcome those obstacles.

Time to leave, girl. Time to leave his ass and find someone else.

In the meantime review if you really want a full-time relationship with someone. Review the reasons you may continue to pick people that are unavailable, because every year I do get readings from those that are single. Single people that are good people. There’s nothing horribly wrong with them but they don’t have a partner so there are people out there that you could be with that are unattached. Widows, career driven people that haven’t gotten to it yet, shy people sometimes, but good people. Review why you’ve chosen this person, yes it may be a soulmate connection, know that we have multiple soulmates and you can find that deep connection again with someone else, hopefully someone even better. It’s just in this life, the physical criteria have not quite matched up to your expectations, in other words he’s not available and he’s not spending time with you during the holidays and he may never.

Call me if you want advice on how to split from a soulmate connection. I’ve done it, I’ve found someone better, I can help you through it. You also need to get through the grief cycle so you don’t get depressed and go back to him, I have some examples and how to do that as well. You can reach me through any of my psychic readings sessions or energy healing sessions if you would like to review those reasons why you find yourself in this pattern. Sincerely I hope everyone has a great New Year’s, be happy, whole and fulfilled with what you have and own today.

May the best of your past be the worst of your future!~Irish Proverb

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