Creation of Souls

Photo Source: Glyn Nelson,

By Andrea Knight

I had a really excellent reading today where somebody asked where Souls came from, how they were created and if we all came from the same place. In the interest of recording this so that others could know, I wrote down this blog after the reading so I wouldn’t forget. What Spirit showed me was souls are created in a spiritual Plane or Dimension, not necessarily out in space. The guides told me that space is actually “matter”, and where souls are created would be like in another dimensional plane. So they show me this huge white area and they showed me rainbows representing the full light spectrum and they say it’s an area that is both “everything and nothing”. The “everything” was connected to the fact that it was white and the full light spectrum was there, and the nothingness was that nothing had been created yet. Then they show me this explosion and the rings of the explosion expanding outward. In the middle is what looks like a circle, like a cell but a soul, and the cell-like soul starts dividing like in asexual reproduction, everything is cloned from that initial soul and then the resultant souls divide and clone themselves. It is explained to me after the cells divide another Being comes in and starts re-programming them so that they are unique or have their own uniqueness.

The client asked a very good question on whether or not we all come from the same place/starting soul material, and the answer was no, there are multiple areas where these creations happen so you can have a completely different starting soup material and then it divides and uniqueness created in each of the different resultant beings that divided from the same soul. So there are multiple areas where these beings are being formed from a beginning soul. Then they explained to me that it is similar to a soul group and the soul group being a group of beings that came from the same starting soul. I usually see Soul groups like Saturn with a main ball and then rings around it with the different beings being closely linked and coming from the same area. After the beings are created they are taken to another area in the Galaxy and they showed me that that being would travel from where they were to the place that they were meant to go to, in this case it was a planet.

I found this very fascinating, it was an extremely clear reading and I wanted to pass it along to some of my other followers as well as to write it down before I forgot it so that we can all benefit from this information. Guides noted that space was “matter”, in other words if we were to run into a planet we would go “Bonk!”, and that where these beings are being created are in another dimension or plane where it looks like it is all white. When I see this all white area they zoom into what looks like a rainbow or light spectrum to me. They call it the area that has “everything and nothing.”

I should note here that I stay open to this being a visual or interpretation so that we can visualize it ourselves with what we understand now on Earth, to explain where souls come from. The reality may be different as spirit may use what we understand in our reality to explain the concept, in this case they used my scientific degree and metaphysical knowledge.

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