Addictions, Revisted

I had a client come to me recently about an addiction and I thought I’d update my blog because much of what was brought up would apply to multiple addictions including alcohol, drugs, sex, smoking or food.  I am busy these days, so I will make it a summary instead of a full blog.  If you have questions or want to explore further reading and energy healing sessions can be found on my website.

  • Addictions are often a break, release, relax time away from the stress of the home/life.  Many people at my old job in corporate started smoking cigarettes because it gave them work breaks more so than those that didn’t smoke.
  • Review your foundation – when did you first start the addiction, what was the stimulus (friends, party) and what was the reward?
    • Your relationship with your parents, are you prone to rebellion?  Is it in your astrological chart to rebel?
    • Lying about the truth to your parent, teacher or partner – did you get away with it before, what were the benefits to lying, such as avoiding punishment, etc?
  • Reactance is the psychological term for rebelling and wanting freedom from rules or dominance.
  • Addictions can be brought on by spiritual influences, phases is the moon, inauspicious or emotional areas in your astrological chart.  House 6 is health as well as job, house 2, 11, 12, 8 for sex and taboos and other areas.  Set up an appointment with me on how to counteract negative astrological house affects.
  • Solutions to Dealing with “Reactance man”
    • “Stop drop and roll”
    • Find a mentor –
      • healthy people prepping healthy food, healthy people doing anything on youtube (influence),
      • people in your life that aren’t healthy-review if you think of the people around you have the same addiction that make you feel hopeless, like its inevitable and hard to overcome.  Find someone that proves otherwise, that doesn’t have it so it doesn’t seem like an uphill climb. 
    • Also look at the statistics for that addiction, visualize that you’re in the statistic or demographic that doesn’t have the addicition, and affirm “I beat the statistics”.
    • Find a replacement – walk, exercise, smoothie, decaf tea, yoga
  • Go back to archangels, God and ascended masters, see them understanding, think “they’ve seen everything”, taking your hand and walking with you
  • Look at your triggers – “everyone is doing it”, friends, ads, tv, parents.  Everyone is NOT doing it.  There are those that don’t smoke, do drugs, drink caffeine, have alcohol, etc.
  • Use Logic to get out of the emotional brain, go to puzzles, numbers, count backwards

If you have any questions or need to talk to your guides about addictions, you can find my sessions on readings here or energy healing here.  Energy healing will be cheaper by the minute for reference.