Nutrient Absorption

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When doing psychic body scans for my client’s health, one of the most common things I receive during the session is the client has issues with vitamin and mineral absorption.

So what is nutrient absorption and why is it important?

Your body uses minerals and nutrients for energy, cell reproduction, repair, rest, and a host of other activities. Well, if the body and organs like heart, muscles, bones and brain do not get enough nutrients they don’t function or repair as well. *

Sometimes even though you may take the vitamin, supplement or eat the healthy food/drink you don’t absorb it effectively. Then you may be vulnerable to other issues, diseases or the break down of important organs.*

Luckily the answer is a google away if you know to look for it.

When eating or taking supplements make sure to match the macros (protein, carbs, fats) or vitamins with what helps them absorb in your system best. Some top absorption helpers are these 3:

  • Citrus (vit C)
  • Fat (use good fats such as avocado)
  • Water

One important one is that Vitamin C or citrus which helps protein absorb 200x or better as long as 68 mg or more is ingested within 15-30 minutes of eating protein.* So add a half cup of orange juice or lemon juice to your water when eating your protein for better absorption. Here is a list of more:

Vitamin or nutrient – fat, water or vit C used to aid absorption

A – Fat soluble
B3 – Water
B6 – Water
B12 – Water (many people with thyroid issues are B12 deficient)
Bilberry – Water
Bromelain – Water
Calcium – Water + Vit D (25 mg+)
C – Water
Collagen – Vit C
CoQ10 – Water
D – Fat
DHEA – Fat
E – Fat
K – Fat
L-Argenine – Water
L-Theanine- Water
Lutein – Fat
Magnesium – Water
Protein – Vitamin C, 68 mg min
Selenium – Water

If you have supplements and vitamins you take daily, google their name plus “soluble in water”, then write the answer outside your bottle (W for water, F for Fat, etc). My recommendation is to have a 1/4 avocado salad with 1/2 cup orange juice with your supplements every day. That tackles healthy fat, water and vitamin C in one meal!

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5 Nutrients to take for best absorption


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