Q. What are your abilities? 

A. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and intuitive (claircognizant). I am sympathetic but have learned methods with clairsentience so I don’t feel like others unnecessarily and don’t take on the energetic issues of others. I can soften the blow as well as be direct with guidance.  

Q. When did your abilities develop? 

A. Probably pre-teens is the earliest I can recount. So about 30 years of having my abilities. My mother is clairvoyant and my Grandmother on my Father’s side had the gift according to my mother, so 3rd generation psychic.

Q. Can I talk? 

A. Absolutely.  

I recommend it also because many of my client’s fears and anxiety go away if they have a chance to express. People will go to psychics many times because they can’t talk to their friends and family about what is on their mind because of judgement or another reason. They also go to us for spiritual advice such as how to find peace, what their purpose is, and contracts. So feel free to talk, don’t be afraid of skewing me or spirit, and get detailed answers to detailed questions! 

Some clients might ask this because their past psychics don’t want their personal opinions to get in the way of the reading. However I am great at separating what spirit is guiding with and what I would think independently. I am clairaudient, clairvoyant, and intuitive, I know what is coming from the guides and what is my opinion, so it’s ok to talk and give details without fear of me being skewed. So if you want a detailed answer for a detailed question it is more than ok to talk and explain. 

Q. I see a therapist but prefer you because you give predictions and information from spirit. Can I talk to you like I do my therapist? 

A. Absolutely, I’ve received this a few times from clients. I recommend the energy healing packages as that is the deepest discounted sessions with me or the Cognitive Behavorial Therapy Sessions. This gives you plenty of time to talk things out and be heard as well as get feedback from spirit. 

I am certified in a number of psychological methods including Cognitive Behavorial Therapy and Love/Relationships. I am also a member of the International Association of Therapists.   I have found clients feel much better being listened to and being able to express what is on their mind. I’ve had more than one comment that clients’ anxiety goes away by the end of their session. I don’t have a PhD in psychology, and can’t prescribe any medications. If you aren’t looking for medication or a psychological diagnoses, you may talk to me, feel heard, and I can offer any psychological methods that I am certified in. My education and certifications are on My About page.

Q. Do your predictions come true? 

A. Yes, many times I will get people coming back and telling me I was “spot on” or accurate about a date, person or event. I have many repeat clients over the years, with over 8000 readings on multiple platforms. Feel free to look at my reviews sent in by clients.  

Q. What can I expect during a mediumship session with those crossed over?

A. In Mediumship readings those crossed over usually provide feelings, messages, and signs. They can answer some questions, tell us how they are, how their crossing over process went, how they feel. They may describe visits to family members, what you may feel or notice when they visit (touches, visuals, temperature changes, music, electronics). Also signs and validation you may receive pre and post reading. However, please note I don’t currently provide forensic or search & find readings (finding the family jewels, secret stashes, wills, keys, safety deposit boxes). There are detective mediums who specialize in these areas if you are interested (who are quite pricey). If you are looking to see if they are ok, what signs to watch out for, and if what you are experiencing is really your loved one, I can help.