My Story

Andrea Knight’s childhood home in Connecticut. Photo provided by Google Maps.

I was born in Connecticut. I remember my parents driving through forests of tall pine trees and that our brown house was up on a hill with a large garden. At the side of the yard near the sandbox we had a boulder with fresh blackberries and raspberries we could pick and eat as kids. We would visit a yummy pancake restaurant made out of an old 1700’s house on Sundays after church, and make occasional visits to Cape Cod in Massachusetts for fresh seafood with a water view. We eventually moved to Texas in 1988 due to my father’s work. I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic schools elementary through High School. My father was an electrical engineering major who eventually retired as a Senior VP at JCPenney and my mother had 3 majors, one of which was Archaeology. Both very educated and well read, conservative parents. Both of them have books published on Amazon about genealogy and Archaeology.

Growing up I loved animals, so ended up getting a Zoology major, which didn’t land me a job post college, unfortunately. In turn I ended up in accounting, an area I often would observe to be made up of those who either couldn’t achieve their dream or just didn’t have a dream. No child ever says “I want to be an accountant when I grow up.” However, it is a huge industry with a lot of jobs and very adventagious information to have in life or if you start a business. I ended up graduating with a Masters in Business Admin by 2011 as a result so I could advance to Regional Finance Manager at a Fortune 500 company.

I started off doing psychic fairs, partnering with metaphysical shops, and even joining psychic phone-in sites. I was gaining experience and clientele while working for a company as a manager. As business climbed, clients would come back and tell me I was “spot on” and what I had seen would actually come true. I ended up transitioning fully as a psychic medium, running my own business. I continue to do readings and energy healing, but have added weight loss management, art, design soap and other product sales. It is important to me to be an accurate psychic medium, and I continue to sharpen my skills to this day. I have clients daily either through instant readings or scheduled readings tell me that I gave them validation or that I was “spot on”.

I have seen many things over the years, some very incredible. I have noticed pain that I used to normally have go away as I meditated and healed spiritually, the spiritual healing had a physical effect. I’ve noticed social improvements and even physical improvements as I have worked on myself internally, as that also had an outward effect on my body and mind.

If you are interested in a reading, you can find my options here. If you are interested in some energy healing to boost your own divine connection and receive divine guidance yourself you can find my energy healing here. Discounts are rotating, so check the website regularly for updates.

Talk to you soon!

~Andrea Knight

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