Pet Psychic Readings

Andrea has both experience as a vet tech for 4 years as well as working in a zoo and aquarium. She’s worked with dogs, cats, okapi, seal lions and harbor seals. Her bachelors degree is in Zoology from Texas A&M University (College Station, TX).

She has done psychic and mediumship readings for cats, dogs, birds, marine mammals, horses and more over the years.

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Pet Psychic Reading (15 Mins Phone reading)

  • Ask how your pet feels
  • Ask if they like a toy or food
  • Ask why they may be exhibiting strange behavior
  • Ask about a pet’s past life
  • Ask what your pet dreams about
  • Ask how your pet is doing and if they visit (mediumship)
  • And more! Please note disclaimers linked below.
  • If you want more than 15 minutes for your pet reading, select more than one item in the cart (1 = 15 mins, 2 = 30 mins, etc).
  • Sorry, may not be used for human readings. Please refer to the Phone Readings page for human readings!