Printable Moon Astrological Calendar – August 2022




Want to know when to contact that special someone or make a big change in your life?  This Printable Calendar lists out the astrological sign connected to the moon by day.  When the moon is in your, or your person of interest’s, Sun Sign they will have more energy, be more focused, it may be a better time to manifest, or they will be feeling at their best.

The same can be said for the moon in your/their Moon Sign, however the moon sign may make you or your romantic interest more moody, depending on the sign.  This calendar makes it easier to figure out what sign the moon is correlated with, by the day, so you can see if your person of interest is more apt to communicate because they have more energy and focus!

It has the Full, Half, New and Last quarter moons as well so you know when it is best to meditate, rest, plan, sign contracts and more.  Put all together in a printable format this calendar allows you to plan ahead better than an app!  Once you pay only $2.99 the file will be available to you to print!

I print it and use it too.  I put stickers on the days that go well in areas of love or productivity so I can see if those areas of my life are smoother on my sun or moon signs, or my partner’s.  I use it, it helps me, and I’m now providing it to you!

Bonus!  There is more! This downloadable packet now includes:

  • The August 2022 calendar with moon signs by day
  • What planets are in retrograde and when in 2022!
  • What does it mean with a planet is in retrograde in your chart?
  • Quick summaries on planet meanings!
  • 4 total downloads: The Month Calendar and 3 information sheets above!