Cut Cords

break free

Do you feel like you can’t get over someone even though they may not be good for you? Do you feel like every time you try to move on you feel like you can’t?  You may have spiritual cords connected to your ex lover, ex husband, or even ex friends.  You will need to cut these cords to feel some real relief and be able to move on in your life without looking back.  We can have cords with all different kinds of people in our lives, such as teachers, bosses, and parents.  If you are trying to separate yourself and feel like you can’t, or someone else’s emotions are affecting you at seemingly random moments of the day, then seek out someone certified in energy healing to remove these for you.  I provide these services over distance as well if you are not in the Dallas area.  Feel free to visit my website for my reading and energy healing rates.

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