Why no calendar?

Hi everyone!

Once and a while I’ll get the question, why no online calendar?

I had calendars online for years, some I paid a subscription for, some I didn’t.

Here is what I found over the 9 years.

  • People feel more secure when they can reach a person, know that person is there, and I tell them I will call them at their scheduled time. It all feels better, and that eases people’s worries around me calling at the time, if I got their time on my calendar, did the system work, etc.
  • People want readings the same day most of the time. I used to have same day vs scheduled in advanced (24+ hours) sessions. What I found, except for energy healing, statistically most people wanted to get a reading that day (same day). There were some months at a time that no one wanted scheduled in advance, even if discounted to 50%, and all readings in those months were same day. On top of that many people want it within an hour or two. If I have an automated calendar I would have to give myself a 2-5 hour window before people could schedule their reading just in case I was running errands, in a meeting or something else. However, many days I am at home and can take the reading within an hour. Having people text me eliminates the worry on both ends, gives flexibility and allows me to get to readings faster. And texting takes less than 5 seconds for those fast typers. Easy.