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Cleaning Tips for Your Home and Car


  • Bathroom faucets have lime or mineral buildup? Soak a paper towel in white vinegar and wrap around the bottom of your faucet or faucet nozzle, wherever there is lime buildup. If there is build up around the tap, use a rubber band to keep the vinegar soaked towel in place. Keep there for at least 3 hours. Rub the mineral buildup off with the duty end of the sponge and it should come off easier than it would have before vinegar treatment. Polish with a cloth or a “stainless steel cleaning spray” which I can usually find at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
  • Bath yellowed or dirty? I’ve found baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide works the best, and baking soda with white vinegar works great as well. Rub into bath tub, let it sit for 15 minutes to an hours, then rinse off. Be very careful with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, it burns your skin so wear gloves. These work better than Tilex, bleach and Comet in my experience.
  • Dirty blinds? This can be a source of dust and other particles that can be aggravating to your allergies. Mix warm water and dish soap in a bowl, scrub each blind blade with the heavy duty side of the sponge to remove the stuck on dirt and then remove the dirt with the soft sponge side. Dry with a towel.
  • Dirty baseboards? Same process used for blinds above works great here. Use a towel on your carpet or floor so that doesn’t get too wet.
  • Oily stove? I have a gas stove and the burners will develop a ring of oil around them. First remove most of the oil and debris using dish soap and warm water. I usually cover the surface with a concentrated soap mixture and let it soak for at least 15 minutes on the surface. Then I wipe away all that I can. For stuck on grease areas I use the back of my nail to remove (better can any tool I have so far). If you have a wood, not metal, nail file this may work as well. Lastly I use “goo gone”, soak that into any areas not yet removed and wipe away the excess.
  • Oven cleaning – honestly I use “Oven Off”, spray the oven cold, let it sit for 3 hours and then wipe off any stains. This would be useful for non-self cleaning ovens.
  • Oily or greasy stains on the furniture? If furniture cleaner doesn’t work, and your furniture covering is removable, dish soap works wonders for grease stains, even tomato sauce.  Rub dish soap on the stain, let soak for 15 minutes, put your furniture cover in the washer and wash as usual.  Regular laundry soap didn’t work for me here, dish soap gets it right out, including dirt and dust stains from dirty feet and hands.


  • Leather steering wheel looking worn and spotted? Wet a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and clean off the dirt, oil and dust first. Then use a leather preserver that can be found in Auto Zone or other auto shops to restore your leather’s shine.
  • Need to clean your tires and hub caps? Baking soda and vinegar scrubbed on to both and then rinsed off with water should clean them up. Finish the tires off with “Tire Wet” or some other product that gives your tires a nice black shine.

I should note that none of the companies that own these products paid for any endorsement. These are from my experiences and are my opinions on what has worked best for me over the years.

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How to Remove Image Borders in WordPress

Remove Image Borders in WordPress, Remove Image Borders in WordPress

WordPress just recently converted to using blocks from the classic editor. While using the classic editor it was possible to go to the WP admin site and remove border by right clicking the image and scrolling down to border properties, setting the border width to 0. However with the new block structure they have made it more difficult to remove borders to where you need CSS knowledge with some themes.

The below instructions allow you to remove all image borders throughout the site.

Please navigate to My Site > Design > Customize > CSS > and copy/paste the below-mentioned CSS code. Click publish on top of the left frame to save the changes.

/** remove borders of images $13141658-hc */ img[class=”align”], img[class*=”wp-image-“] {
border: 0px;