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Callery Pear – Alchemy

Callery Pear (Bradford Pear) Pyrus calleryana Decne. Specimen sighted: Fairview, TX Metaphysical attributes:* Bark: None, not recommended Leaves: *Yes, pomace (pounding leaves in mortar with pestle), lick the pomace (without really having anything to ingest*), pray to God and ask for your desires. Put pomace down. Then end with amen. Wash tongue and don’t swallow … Continue reading Callery Pear – Alchemy

California Peppertree – Alchemy

California Peppertree Schinus molle L. Specimen sighted: San Diego, CA Metaphysical attributes:* Bark: None Leaves: Can be crushed up (not powdered) and used in your manifesting and magical rituals. Guides showed me it helps with happiness, euphoria, sleepiness, dream state, and fortune to others (you can ask for fortune for others, when I asked if … Continue reading California Peppertree – Alchemy

African Lily – Alchemy

African Lily Agapanthus Praecox Willd. Specimen sighted: San Diego, CA Metaphysical attributes:* Bark: N/A Leaves: There are a few. 1) In the old days some would use the leave paired with rabbit in an elaborate ceremony for love, romance and fertility. Spirit showed me this ceremony, however due to the nature of political correctness today, … Continue reading African Lily – Alchemy

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