Field Bindweed – Alchemy

Flower: Photo Source: Andrea Knight

Field Bindweed

Convolvulus arvensis L.

Specimen sighted: Santa Fe, NM

Metaphysical attributes:*

Bark: N/A

Leaves: Not recommended for rituals or manifesting.

Fruit/Nut: N/A

Flower: *Not recommended to use* They show me rubbing the flower between the palms of your hands, then with the thumb and index finger rolling and rubbing it until a drop of moisture comes out. Touch the dew or moisture to your mid tongue, after holding it there in reverence for a couple seconds, spit out the moisture, pray with your face pointing up to the sky and your eyes closed. You may ask for things such as promiscuity (having multiple partners), romance, sexiness, and to cast out bad spells, negative energy. *Not recommended to use*

Elementals & Nature Spirits associated: Fairies, some sprites, some gnomes but few. Bees were the first thing to pop up, I asked if the bees themselves were spirits or if it was spirits associated with the bees and I received that it was “both”.

Candle manifesting: Yes, for promiscuity (multiple partners) and sexiness. I see the color red here as the smoke goes up. Say one prayer, ask for what you want with the flower on the candle, light the candle, a touch of cinnamon sprinkled on after you light it, like 3-10 grains, not much so you don’t put out the flame. End with a prayer.

Healing abilities:*

  • Poultice: Not recommended
  • Powder: Can be used for candle manifesting instead of fresh flower, do not ingest.
  • Tincture: Not recommended
  • Tea: Not recommended
  • Salve: Not recommended

I should note here that I randomly pick a flower, bush or tree every week, without knowing the outcome. Some of these metaphysical attributes may not be for everyone, nothing is suggested that you should do or apply here.

*Disclaimer: The contents of this blog is for metaphysical, educational and entertainment purposes only. Before using or ingesting ANY herb or plant for health reasons please consult a physician for advice.

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