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Reviews from some of my clients:

“Thank you so much [Andrea], you are amazing. I really appreciate the detailed insight…you read Wade like a book!!! Have a great night xx” Charlotte, Oct 6th, 2021

“Thank you for an excellent session. I feel more informed and much clearer on things, and I feel calmer and less anxious as a result. I feel like there’s a direction where I’m going [in my relationship]. Thank you very much.
Thank you also for the overtime advice of how to clear this old pattern. It’s greatly appreciated and not taken for granted.
Sincerely,” M.M. on June 25th, 2021

Andrea has a very calm and caring manner when she does your readings.She is very precise with her answers,and there is so much detail.I think she is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend her to anybody. on June 3, 2021 by D T

I have had 2 reading with Andrea and will return to her for any metaphysical inquiries. She is a full spectrum, complete package psychic. She is a skilled medium and communicator, honest and caring. There is no replacement for the help of a psychic. It can be very helpful to hear messages, guidance and validation from departed loved ones and spirit guides. on May 30, 2021 by R R

My first reading with Andrea was a wonderful experience. I was amazed by her insight into the things that are most important to me. She was able to see exactly where I was struggling and gave me great advice. She is kind and very easy to talk with. I felt very comfortable with her and had a renewed sense of positivity after our reading. I look forward to talking with her again and feel so grateful that she was able to share her gift with me. on April 22, 2021 by R L

Andrea has become a trusted advisor since we became working together a year ago. Her insights have guided some of my most critical life and professional decisions. If you are looking for a gifted psychic and intuitive, look no further. on February 15, 2021 by V M

Thank you Andrea for your honesty and insight on my situation. I felt enormous peace and comfort in the details you shared with me. You are the real deal! on January 31, 2021 by D C

Andrea has an ability to connect in a more detailed way than my experience with other mediums. I was able to ask more specific questions and was provided more clear answers in the medium phone reading. Very impressed. Jan 2021 J.W.

I’ve had several readings with Andrea over the years, and she is incredibly gifted, consistent, nonjudgmental, and kind. She’s always delivered solid messages and knows and sees things no one else does. I’m incredibly thankful for her gift and the way she’s been able to ease my anxieties. Much love and gratitude, Andrea! Dec 2020 K.J.

Andrea is absolutely amazing. I have spoken to a number of psychics/mediums and have never had this kind of experience before. She connected with my best friend who passed away and told me things that no one else would ever know. She has also predicted multiple things that have come true. I definitely recommend Andrea!! 10 stars. Dec 2020 K.M.

I’m very skeptical when it comes to healers – not anymore. Wow, I am amazed with the healing she and the angels performed. She is a true blessing from God. I love talking with her, I had a 1.5 hour grief healing session and it only felt like 20 minutes. For those of you in pain, suffering, grief, or feel like unwanted energy is around; you will not go wrong with her. Thank you Andrea, you’re amazing! Sep 2020 B.P.

Andrea is phenomenal with the amount of detail she can pick up. She has the unique ability to pick up on conscious and subconscious details and partner that with actionable advice. I was blown away by how well she can also articulate what she picks up on. She brought a lot of clarity to my situation and I will definitely be reaching out to her again. 05/08/2020 F.S.

I really enjoyed my reading. She really let the messages flow which I liked, and I was able to get a lot out of it. – Mary S. 04/22/2020

She is amazing. She tuned in so quickly and responded very fast and gave such great insight. Thank you! Ford S. 04/23/2020

I had an email reading with Andrea. This lady is unbelievable! She is so sweet, kind and ridiculously detailed and confident in her readings and no wonder as she isn’t guessing, assuming nor spouting bull, she is just honest genuine and on point. Wow wow wow. And I don’t leave feedback as I feel it’s always exaggerated but no every word I’ve said is true. Xx I’ll be back. For sure. December 22, 2019 D.M.

Andrea is truly a gifted and absolutely amazing individual! She truly cares and her compassion is palpable, even when delivering difficult info. She has been my go-to for quite some time, and I’m always left with a sense of renewal & a feeling of peace after speaking with her. So thankful for her & for those who offer her the guidance & support, so that she may continue to touch and help so many others in this world! Thank you Andrea. U R a blessing & u never cease to amaze me on your accuracy! December 11, 2019 L.B.

Had a phone reading with Andrea about a break up. Everything she told me about him was accurate. Even though I wanted to hear good news it was the opposite but it was something I needed to hear which I appreciate. I’ve also been experiencing depression and anxiety over this break up and she provided me with articles to read to help and guide me. She was wonderful to talk to, this was my first time getting a reading by Andrea, and will most definitely be reaching out to her again. November 29, 2019 E.B.

I called Andrea wanting to connect with a loved one who has passed for help with an intense family situation. I must say that from the very beginning, I was astounded by the accuracy in the many details and the information that came through. No doubt, she was connected!!! This was immensely helpful and also provided me with wonderful guidance moving forward and in navigating a difficult situation. Thank you so very much Andrea!! Absolutely wonderful!! November 17, 2019 G.W.

I found Andrea after speaking to several other psychics over the past few years and not feeling understood or satisfied. She is very accurate and honest! She is the most pure honest psychic I’ve ever met. We have done some healing work and several readings. She is metaphysical and also connects with your angels, guides, god. She Understands the law of attraction. She’s the best! I have used several psychics from this site and she’s by far the best. July 17, 2019 C.L.

I have two recent readings with Andrea and I must say this lady in the best I have had doing a reading. She had answers ready in some cases quicker than I had the question asked. She is the real deal. You will not be disappointed. April 17, 2019 B.P.

Outrageously talented. I’ve used quite a few psychics in my day. Most are good, some are bad but extremely few actually make me say WOW! She has a real gift. February 12, 2019 T.B.

I came across Andrea through this website at 12am (I was feeling very anxious) and found that she answers emails. I emailed her right away and she replied within a half hour. She was prompt, easily accessible, insightful and to the point. I highly recommend her! December 22, 2018 K.B.

Andrea is an exceptional Psychic Medium. She is accurate and honest. She listens to you and transfers the messages and information from your ancest, angels and guides clearly giving you the information and comfort you are seeking. I’ve been read by others in her profession but she stands out as the most accurate. I can’t recommend her enough! October 11, 2018 R.F.

Andrea really saved me from negative energies coming and going in my home. I knew it there was something, but I didn’t even tell her about it. She knew! And, she helped close the “door” of where they were entering. I feel better! I know whatever or whoever was coming in is no longer! Not only that, but I allowed her guides to tell me anything I needed to know and it was the best reading. I will continue with Andrea. October 3, 2018 L.F.

During my reading I asked about my father who had passed away. Andrea was right on about him…not only did she know what he did for work, she told me that he was sending me signs through dragonflies, butterflies, birds and pennies. Dragonflies land on me all the time! The week before my reading I found two pennies! The day of my reading a butterfly flew with me while I was walking! The day after my reading a duck flew in front of my windshield while driving! She is amazing and very intuitive! August 8, 2018 B.W.

First time caller. She was a great medium that was able to connect quickly. She tuned into the people and situation and was easy to talk to. Super fast with her insight and actually very precise! Very helpful! May 9, 2018 J.N

Andrea has a truly exceptional gift. She has incredible clarity in her connections with spirit guides and angels and her advice has been transforming in how I view the metaphysical world. She always shares with empathy, honesty and has a great sense of humor too! March 4, 2018 J.G.

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psychic reviews, psychic reviews