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Angel Series: Thrones

Throne angels, throne angels, throne angels By Andrea Knight Throne level angels appear to me clairvoyantly as angels with unicorns. Ever since seeing my first one I will notice unicorns in stores and on TV. They’ve chosen this as a … Continue reading

Animal Guides

I’ve discovered a few things over the years. Animal guides can be some of the easiest to talk to for various reasons. They don’t have the stigma or pressure an image of an angel will have of us needing to … Continue reading

Heal the Healers!

You meditated, you did affirmations, you even put shields up like you are the starship Enterprise, but you still feel “off”, gunky or fatigued. Heal the Healers A couple things can be happening here. Many times when you’ve done all … Continue reading

How to Cut Cords (Revised)

how to cut cords, how to cut cords, how to cut cords Do you feel like you can’t get over someone even though they may not be good for you? Do you feel like every time you try to move … Continue reading

Dominion Angels: My Conversation with Arele

dominion angels, dominion angels, dominion angels,dominion angels, dominion angels, dominion angels, dominion angels By Andrea Knight The day before yesterday I was laying in bed and clairaudiently received the word “Dominion”. An unusual word for me to receive I knew … Continue reading

Principality Angels: A Conversation with Ariel

principality angels, principality angels, principality angels, principality angels, By Andrea Knight I was doing some research on each of the levels of angels from beginning level Angel to Seraphim. I didn’t know much about the Principalities, Virtues and Powers so … Continue reading


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Home Bathroom faucets have lime or mineral buildup? Soak a paper towel in white vinegar and wrap around the bottom of your faucet or faucet nozzle, wherever there is lime buildup. If there is build up around the tap, use … Continue reading

How to Remove Image Borders in WordPress

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