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Is He Leaving “The Wife?”

By Andrea Knight, Happy New Year! The New Year can be something magical for most of us. As many people say, “A new year, a new life!” However I noticed over the years some patterns stay the same. The holidays can be a busy time for psychics. Today was no exception. I get on … Continue reading

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Kiyosaki Summary

I’m sure most of you have heard of the book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Kiyosaki, 1998). This has been on my list for a while as it was usually recommended while searching for finance books. I like to read non-fiction more than fiction, and I do like to read a lot on finances, entrepreneurship, … Continue reading

Plants and the Five Love Languages

Did you know you can apply the 5 love languages to your plants at home? I figured this out through experience, without really trying to apply the five love languages I noticed as I spent more time with my plants doing activities other than just watering them, they would grow better, faster and would survive … Continue reading

Top Tips for Being a Better Medium

I’ve learned much, if not all, of the below mediumship improving methods through practice, mediations and being told by spirit. I was inspired to pass some of these down today to my readers as some of you are budding mediums yourselves. I’ve had clients come back and tell me that I was “spot on”, “hit … Continue reading

Beauty and Attractiveness

By Andrea Knight “We “think” we know this lesson, but the media’s influence can be pernicious.  It affects even those most intelligent and book smart, so it is good to review again.” Most of my readings are on love, relationships, and soulmates. Right now I can only think of writing this very long subject into … Continue reading

Protection from EMF, Static Electricity and Radiation

Absorbing or mimicking too much EMF, static electricity and radiation can cause you to feel brain fog, out of sorts, disrupt sleep or any of the other ungrounding side effects. There are a number of methods to protect yourself from absorbing or mimicking this energy. 1. Most effective I’ve used over the years was having … Continue reading

Top 3 “Facts” About Empaths That Are False

how to feel better, how to feel better, how to feel better By Andrea Knight Much of what we have learned from empaths or clairsentient people comes from other gurus and teachers. Here are a few misunderstood beliefs around what it means to be an empath that I have found independently in my experiences with … Continue reading

Cleanse your Home Energy without Sage and Sweetgrass

sage allergy, sage allergy, sage allergy By Andrea Knight I’ve used sage and sweetgrass for 7+ years and it can be very effective in cleansing the home of negative energies and entities to replace with positive energy. After using sage for so long, I knew it was not best for my allergies, and noticed it … Continue reading

Angel Series: Thrones

Throne angels, throne angels, throne angels By Andrea Knight Throne level angels appear to me clairvoyantly as angels with unicorns. Ever since seeing my first one I will notice unicorns in stores and on TV. They’ve chosen this as a sign to me that it is a Throne angel helping me out or stopping by, … Continue reading

Heal the 3 R’s and Restore your Positive Feelings

Quick advice for the day. A client was experiencing this energetic, anxious pain in their chest area for a few months that was unusual for them as they usually don’t feel anxiety. Meditation and general asking for it to be healed wasn’t working for them. During the session I was reminded of “healing the 3 … Continue reading

Animal Guides

I’ve discovered a few things over the years. Animal guides can be some of the easiest to talk to for various reasons. They don’t have the stigma or pressure an image of an angel will have of us needing to be perfect and sinless to look at them or ask them for things. By the … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Clean Up the Energy in Your Home

As many of us stay home for longer periods of time you may notice over the days the energy in the home shifting, becoming thicker, and more fatiguing. Since I’ve worked from home for many years I know what you’re going through and I have a few hints on how to clean up the energy … Continue reading

Heal the Healers!

You meditated, you did affirmations, you even put shields up like you are the starship Enterprise, but you still feel “off”, gunky or fatigued. Heal the Healers A couple things can be happening here. Many times when you’ve done all the work you can do by asking for shielding and protection, then you may be … Continue reading

How to Cut Cords (Revised)

how to cut cords, how to cut cords, how to cut cords Do you feel like you can’t get over someone even though they may not be good for you? Do you feel like every time you try to move on you feel like you can’t? You may have spiritual cords connected to your ex … Continue reading

Dominion Angels: My Conversation with Arele

dominion angels, dominion angels, dominion angels,dominion angels, dominion angels, dominion angels, dominion angels By Andrea Knight The day before yesterday I was laying in bed and clairaudiently received the word “Dominion”. An unusual word for me to receive I knew what they meant, it was time for me to add another article on the different … Continue reading

Principality Angels: A Conversation with Ariel

principality angels, principality angels, principality angels, principality angels, By Andrea Knight I was doing some research on each of the levels of angels from beginning level Angel to Seraphim. I didn’t know much about the Principalities, Virtues and Powers so I decided to connect to each one and see how they could help us. When … Continue reading

Top 5 Items to Watch Out for After Becoming a Reiki Practitioner or Energy Healer

Life a little upside down after finishing a Reiki class? reiki practitioner, reiki practitioner After finishing Reiki you become more sensitive to energy, Chi. I’ve found over the years that those who enter into metaphysical studies may go through a number of trials, although not the same for all, including losing their job, losing their … Continue reading

Making Changes for the Better in Policies and Business

By Andrea So many people trying to change the world for the better. How many are successful? How much effort is put into parades, poster boards and blogs with varying progress? I’ve had success in my life, and I’ll tell you how to do it effectively. I’m not going to talk about metaphysical visualizing … Continue reading


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