California Peppertree – Alchemy

California Peppertree

Schinus molle L.

Specimen sighted: San Diego, CA

Metaphysical attributes:*

Bark: None

Leaves: Can be crushed up (not powdered) and used in your manifesting and magical rituals. Guides showed me it helps with happiness, euphoria, sleepiness, dream state, and fortune to others (you can ask for fortune for others, when I asked if you can ask for fortune specifically for yourself they said no)

Fruit/Nut: The fruit seeds are peppercorns, spirit shwed me you could put in wax for your candles and use the candles for manifesting. Not recommended for ingesting. Not the strongest manifestor however so it wasn’t recommended for metaphysical uses.

Flower: Happiness, sleep, help getting into deep sleep, some abundance (not main use, they show me 20% effectiveness for abundance).

Elementals & Nature Spirits associated: Fairies, not often, they pass by, check up on the flowers I see, they give energy to the flowers and different areas of the tree, gnomes, earth spirits

Candle manifesting: Spirit didn’t recommend to use in candle fire for manifesting

Healing abilities:*

  • Poultice: Same healing properties as salve
  • Powder: Don’t recommend
  • Tincture: Don’t recommend
  • Tea: Not safe, however to suspend the flower in water for manifesting abundance, add a little sea salt to the water and a burning tealight in a floating jar, pray over the combination, state your intention, light the candle, pray again to close.
  • Salve : *(see disclaimer) Salve may heal spiritual wounds by putting on skin and breathing it in, I saw them rub on the arm, and then I see inhailing like eucalptus to open nasal passages (salve is recommended to be made from all parts; little bit of bark, leaves, and bit of branch)

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