African Lily – Alchemy

African Lily

Agapanthus Praecox Willd.

Specimen sighted: San Diego, CA

Metaphysical attributes:*

Bark: N/A

Leaves: There are a few.

1) In the old days some would use the leave paired with rabbit in an elaborate ceremony for love, romance and fertility. Spirit showed me this ceremony, however due to the nature of political correctness today, I didn’t find it appropriate to publish or likely anyone would go through with it. The ceremony was to help in areas of Love, Romance and fertility.

2) There is another ceremony that was shown to me by spirit, and while safe by those that can follow directions properly, I was a little concerned that in the wrong hands could result in sickness or injury. African lily is poisonous and while this ceremony, if done correctly, should not injure anyone, I wouldn’t want someone to hurt themselves. This ceremony was to help manifest any desire on your mind you wish help with or to manifest.

Fruit/Nut: N/A

Flower: (powdered) Yes many uses, manifesting your desires, see below

Elementals & Nature Spirits associated: Sexual Nymphs, wish bringers (unknown spirit name, they called them “wish bringers”), some fairies, some trolls, some gnomes, elves

Candle manifesting: Leaves & flower can be used for candle manifesting (powdered form was recommended), for anything BUT Love, guides say to use with candles for Love would be not be good. Fertility however is ok as well as abundance, jobs, luck and other.

Healing abilities:*

  • Poultice: Not recommended due to the plant being poisonous
  • Powder: Powder can be applied to candles (not for Love), to water, or to the ground for manifesting rituals, do not breathe in or ingest*
  • Tincture: Not recommended due to the plant being poisonous
  • Tea: Not recommended due to the plant being poisonous
  • Salve: Not recommended due to the plant being poisonous

*Disclaimer: The contents of this blog is for metaphysical, educational and entertainment purposes only. Before using or ingesting ANY herb or plant for health reasons please consult a physician for advice.

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