Notes 04/27/22 – Alchemy

Source: Andrea Knight

Sometimes I receive some side notes concerning alchemy that aren’t always confined to one particular plant, tree, or herb. So here is a few notes I learned within the last week.

  • Tree bark – During a reading with those from the elemental and nature spirit plane it was explained to me that if someone removed the bark from a tree, a small amount, asked the tree spirits to help ground them and put it in their pocket that this would be a great way to ground. I asked if it was ok to take tree bark from a living tree and I was assured that it was alright.
  • Another note from this reading is that you can use multiple flowers in a healing or manifesting ritual, it doesn’t have to be only one. Different combos can mean different things. Flowers so far have had a connection with love, sex and reproduction in many cases, but may help in other areas as well. Since flowers are part of the reproductive cycle of the plant it makes some sense here. You can define how you want it to help you in whatever ritual you have planned.
  • To dry flowers to use in alchemy or or rituals tie them up at the stems and hang them upside down in a dry place. It may take a couple days to weeks depending on how dry the environment is.
  • I used carnations that I had received from a bouquet in a healing ritual, and found that aside from helping me with the healing I saw extremely vivid clairvoyant images of the elemental or nature spirit planes after it’s use. It was very cool, and felt safe. I used the dried carnation in water with a sprinkle of cinnamon for healing. When I googled white carnation I received other than helping with love that it was used for purity, metaphysical and spiritual energy.

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