Espresso using a Moka pot

  1. Unscrew the bottom part of the moka pot, the silver part in the pictures above. Take out the filter sitting inside.
  2. Add hot water to the line in the bottom of the moka pot.
  3. Add 2 tsp of espresso to the filter and put the filter on top of the bottom of the moka pot that is now filled with hot water.
  4. Screw the top and bottom of the moka pot back together where they are secure and level.
  5. Place the moka pot on top of the stove on medium low heat. Keep the lid open. The espresso may start to drip out of the top and bottom connector, but you are waiting for the espresso to come out of the top middle tube that looks like a whistle. When hot it should start pouring out of that middle piece until done. Remove the moka pot from heat when top is full to cool and serve your espresso. It may take some time for the bottom to cool entirely, you can pour cold water at the bottom if necessary otherwise expect it to sit on a trivet for a couple hours. Enjoy!

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