Colorado Blue Spruce – Alchemy

Colorado Blue Spruce

Picea pungens Engelm.

Specimen sighted: Santa Fe, NM

Metaphysical attributes:*

Bark: Communication. Powder the bark enough for a tablespoon or the palm of the hand. Put the powder in the palm of your hand. Say one prayer. Imagine what you want to say to the person or being you are trying to communicate with. Guides recommend concentrating (eyes closed to help stay focused from distraction helps). Blow on powder into the air when finished with imagining the message to be sent.

Leaves: Do nothing with the leaves. Not recommended rituals or manifesting.

Fruit/Nut: Cut or break in half, tap both halves on a rock, some of the cone will crumble onto the rock. Look up to Mother Sky, close your eyes and ask for what you want. Then, tilt your head down, feel contentment, peaceful and thankful. Put the cone down on the rock and end with a prayer. Amen.

Guides specifically say “Mother Sky” here. Native Americans speak of Father Sky, celtic spirituality speaks of a Father Sky but Egyptian spirituality has a Goddess Sky. They are referencing something specific here and I asked multiple times if it was Mother and indeed I saw “Mother” Sky. When I asked the guides about this they told me with a shrug that it is “just Mother”. Like that is what it is to them, when I ask if there are multiple beings up there, I receive a yes, and I asked if there is a Mother and a Father I receive a yes. They also note that the Father Sky that I read about is connected to the different cultures’ stories and myths.

Flower: N/A, no flowers

Elementals & Nature Spirits associated: Many. Fairies are some, I see some peaking through the needles and branches, but fairies do not live there, gnomes and rock spirits visit frequently and take care of the tree, I see them patting the ground area around the trunk and even the rocks around the trunk. The rocks help this tree quite a bit. The rocks vibrate, and I see little tunes come up from the rocks, this helps soothe the tree, I see the tree sighing in relief. Rocks help with grounding. Mushrooms are the tree’s spiritual and physical friends as they help with the disintegration of the detritus around it, give it spiritual warmth and company. Some sprites stop by and set up camp at the base of the tree.

Candle manifesting: Yes the mushrooms can be used for any desire in candle manifesting. Do not use the needles. Using the mushrooms growing around and on the tree is very good for abundance, money, productivity, healing, and other manifesting. Guides don’t recommend using the cones for candle manifesting rituals.

Note: Guides also said it would be best not to hurt the tree by plucking things from it (if a cone falls on its own this is ok), rather they recommend when you see one greet it; I see to put two hands on the trunk, greet it, say hello, and then go about your merry little way. While typing this this felt “right” to me and guides say it would be best.

Healing abilities:*

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