African Fern Pine – Alchemy

African Fern Pine

Afrocarpus gracilior Pilg.

Specimen sighted: San Diego, CA

Metaphysical attributes:*

Bark: Not recommended for use

Leaves: Not recommended for use

Fruit/Nut: Speak your intentions into the seed, crush the seed in the palm of your hand, watch and visualize the magic or energy in the seed, blow on the seed until it flies out of the palm of your hand. Bring your hands together in prayer, you know it is done. Any desire is indicated here such as love, relationships, healing, career, finances, etc.

Flower: Not recommended for use

Elementals & Nature Spirits associated: Many. Fairies, gnomes, water elementals, air elementals (sylphs). I saw a spider pop up here as well which may represent many things.

Candle manifesting: Seed crushed up, sprinkles over candle when it is lit. Use whatever candle ritual as you usually would, the seed being additional energetic power.

Note: Guides also said it would be best not to hurt the tree by plucking things from it. If a seed falls, ask the tree if it is ok to take its bounty, if granted then you may take for energetic purposes.

Additional Note: This is one of my favorite trees to help me ground. When I scanned around the different trees in San Diego, this one was one of the best for grounding, just by looking at it, without needing to touch the trunk.

Healing abilities:*

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