Random Anxious Feelings


Do you feel anxious, scared or upset and don’t know why?  Do you have this lump or energy in your throat and don’t know why you feel this way and want it to go away?  Chances are you are not feeling your own emotions but someone else’s.  There are spiritual linkages called cords that connect us to those that we care about as well as those that we haven’t met yet but share a soul connection with.  You can ask your angels to release these cords from you or you can seek out an energy healer to help you with them.  You may need to do some healing on the past associated with those individuals, which energy healers can help with as well.  I usually recommend Theta healing for mind, body and spiritual healing, as it can address core, genetic, past life and soul level pain.  If you are feeling these symptoms of distress or anxiety and you don’t know why you are having them chances are you are feeling someone else’s energy and need cords cut.  I can always help you out or you can ask your angels to help out, such as Archangel Michael, Kam or Gabriel.  Visit my site at http://www.feathersinfinity.com.

Angel Signs and Messages


Use your Intuition!


Are you intuitive?  Do you just know things for no logical reason but know you are right?  Do you seem to know things about others without hearing about them from somewhere else.  You are probably an intuitive and have a great gift from God.  How do you use it?  Continue to listen to your hunches and urgings.  If it is positive and feels good it came from your higher self or from the light.  If it’s negative then it probably came from fear, so don’t listen to the negative advice, thoughts and feelings for now.  If your idea seems to come from nowhere and feels good to you, go for it.  Over time you will receive enough validation that you’re intuition is leading you in the right direction!  Want to know more?  Go to www.feathersinfinity.com to setup a reading with me.  I’ll be happy to discuss this with you.  Good Luck!

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