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The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Behave with a Psychic Medium

I’ve had clients come to me and say that their favorite psychic won’t see them anymore or is now mysteriously “busy all the time”. This article is to help those keep the psychics they want and realize how they may have overstepped bounds in the past so they don’t repeat bad patterns. Some of this could be applied to many in the consulting, service, psychiatrist and counseling professions.

Psychic mediums are here to help. We want to help people and are caring individuals in general. Many of us are empaths, that can be why we are so good at this, but some can get drained if they don’t have enough clairsentient maintenance. Also understand since we are in a serving, counseling, consulting industry (one that is a booming billion dollar industry), we get very busy. On top of what individuals have to do in other jobs we do a lot of prep. Prep includes meditation, home energetic cleansing, grounding, centering, energy healing, spirit removal, training, on top of the marketing, accounting and business running. Oh yes, and we have to pay for our own benefits, no 401k match here, no paid vacations, no paid sick days. We have to save for that as we are sole proprietors.

If you’ve ever been let go by a psychic medium for being “too much maintainance“, I want to give you a few tips because we are a great resource to listen to your needs and give you guidance by spirit which other industries can’t do. I think the first step is understanding the maintaintence that goes into this job as I listed above. Here are some recommended do’s and don’ts so you can keep your favorite psychic medium:


  • Let us know after the reading what you received during your reading came true: totally OK!
  • Give us positive feedback: totally OK!
  • Give us short updates on how you are doing: totally OK!
  • Let us know we are your favorite psychic and what we say comes true: totally OK!
  • Ask questions about services when you have an intention to purchase a service, (not being a prelude to asking for a free service): totally OK!
  • Tell us you referred us to your friends and family: totally OK and appreciated!
  • Reach out to schedule your reading because you didn’t understand the system: totally OK!


  • Ask for a free reading. Reasons being are explained by this excellent article.
  • Tell us our prices are too high. We run a business, we have to market, we have to do or pay for accounting, we have to pay for our own benefits, and there’s maintenance and upkeep to doing this work for multiple reasons that other professionals don’t have to do (that takes time). You don’t see accountants that need to meditate before and after their work, cleanse their house, close portals, block negative entities from clients or anything along those lines. I keep my prices competitive wth real psychics and if you can schedule a reading next day or later my prices are discounted compared to instant.
  • Insult us because you are struggling with your beliefs or you are against psychics (skeptic). Don’t send us your crappy energy and entities because you’re struggling with your beliefs. Go directly to God and ask for your own credible eyewitness accounts so that you can strengthen your faith and beliefs. Don’t badger us, we don’t deserve it and then we have to clean the energy, more time away from work, family, rest.
  • Send us your energy to heal without a session or before/after your session. For most of us the divine, or spiritual energy healers do the heavy lifting, we don’t do it all ourselves. You are just draining us unnecessarily, cluttering our home with junky energy and interfering with someone else’s reading. How would you like it if I busted through your door without invitation and dumped 5 trash bags of filthy trash in your house, driping with goo on your clean carpet? No? Ask your energies to hold off sending anything until your session please. Some of this is corrected with awareness.
  • Falling in love with us: uhh….no. Strict boundaries please. Don’t even think of it. Google “transference” and note that a psychic listening, spending time as well as us delivering compliments from spirit may be misinterpreted as love per the 5 love languages. Creepy sexual energy gets blocked. Yuck.
  • Do readings on us. We can feel it, we know it, I block it. It is not necessary for you to know what is going on in my personal life for you to get a reading. Your intuition and guides or God will let you know if I’m the right Psychic medium for you. Boundaries please.
  • Write us long letters or a book-long complaint email about your boyfriend/circumstance without a paid reading. Asking us to see videos you made or something else that takes more than 5 minutes. We run businesses, we can get tired, if we have free time we choose spend it with friends and family. Please understand this and if you want time with us please schedule it like you would a psychiatrist. You wouldn’t do this with most people in other industries, please be understanding that we care but we need to have boundaries.

Unfortunately some of these things happened to me in the past or I’ve gained the clients because they did it to a different psychic and they had to find new one. Fortunately it hasn’t happened too terribly much. I think many clients who are being ignored by their loved ones are relieved to find someone that listens, who is empathetic, who understands, they receive the love from God and their angels when we connect. This might be confusing and may be misleading to some clients, however if you read this article and kind of look at what you’re doing maybe you can modify that behavior, understand that we are not in a romantic relationship with you and certain boundaries should be kept so not to strain the professional relationship we have.

I hope this helps, and if you want to schedule reading you can go to my readings page here. If you want to do some energy healing so that you can improve on your own metaphysical abilities or heal from grief you can go to my energy healing pages here. Talk to you soon!

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