Psychic Medium Andrea Knight

Archangel Readings

Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Intuitive, Psychic Medium Andrea offers Readings over Phone, Skype International, Text and In Person.  She connects with Archangels, Ascended Masters and those Crossed Over in each reading. Click the links below to go to Same Day readings (Popular), Scheduled (discounted) or Text readings.
Psychic Medium Readings Psychic Medium Readings

$2.50 / Min Discounted Readings
$4.00 / Min Same Day Readings
$5.99 / Min* Instant Readings

Energy Healing

Reiki Master, Advanced II Theta Healer, Crystal and Galactic Healing certified, Psychic Medium Andrea can provide healing and a reading at the same time, looking into releasing your from patterns that no longer serve you and replacing them with better beliefs.
psychic medium readings, psychic medium readings

$2.50 / Min Scheduled Healing

Holistic Weight Loss

I’ve lost 130 pounds and I know how hard it can be for those that are spiritually sensitive. I provide truly holistic advice including 1) psychological advice summarized so you don’t have to read the books, 2) spiritual advice to help with anxiety & focus and 3) physical tips plus accountability sessions for those that need it. You don’t have to go low carb if you don’t want to! Sound good? Let’s get started, click Enter below!

Soap Shoppe

Handmade Soaps, by Andrea Knight. Olive oil or Shea Butter available with essential oils. Make great gifts for yourself, for others or are unique to display in your guest bathroom.


Learn about Psychic Medium Andrea’s experience and services that she can offer.  Includes Contact form.

Psychic Medium Andrea Knight


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*Instant reading rates may vary based on availability and demand