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Mint – Alchemy


Mentha X suavis

Specimen sighted: San Diego, CA (house plant)

Metaphysical attributes:*

Bark: N/A

Leaves: Mint is recommended for areas that include abundance, health, spiritual energy, enthusiasm, and clearing energy (less foggyness and mental clarity). The leaves can be crushed or can be used whole. Candle manifesting is good as well as other rituals (I see a spread here with twigs and other manifesting tools on a rock).

One method involved taking a single mint leaf, washing it off, visualizing your desires with it in your hand, putting a single drop of water on it, then with the mint leaf above your head you tip the leaf so the water drops down into your mouth. End with please and thank you, amen.

The second ritual involved taking several leaves (washed and dried so can be lit), state your intention in your mind or out loud, with a visualization if possible, and roll them up. With them in your hand, light them, take them to your mouth. Blow through the tube and allow the rolled leaves to smoke. Do not inhale. Blow at least 3 times but more is OK, just not less than 3. Once it starts to burn put it down on a ceramic or fire safe dish to smoke. Recommended to do outside in a fire safe place. Allow the smoke and ash to blow away with the wind. Say please and thank you, amen as it smokes and blows away.

Guides indicate there are many ways to incorporate the leaves into rituals, you are not restricted to these few. Go with your intuition and clairvoyance.

Candle manifesting will be reviewed below.

Fruit/Nut/Cone: N/A

Flower: The flower of the mint plant can be used for manifesting and rituals. One method was to roll it on a surface to loosen the flower parts and then bring it to your mouth and blow for the flower to release the flower parts into the air. Different from many rituals on here, you would wait until after you’ve blown on the flower and its parts are airborne before visualizing. After you are done with visualizing end with please and thank you.

Another method with the flower is to add a mint flower, just one, to a wine barrel with wine in it to bless the wine. Before you drop it in hold it in your hand, visualize and state your desire for anyone who drinks the wine, and end with please and thank you. Drop the flower in and cork your wine barrel. I think very few of us will be able to take advantage of this one unless you own a vineyard, but very interesting to see indeed. Apparently not the same if done with a bottle, I was specifically shown a barrel.

Elementals & Nature Spirits associated: air spirits (sylphs), romantic nymphs, elves, sprites, mushroom spirits 🍄, some gnomes

Candle manifesting: Both the leaves and the flowers can be used in your candle manifesting. The areas discussed in the leaves topic are recommended areas.

Healing abilities:*

  • Poultice: May be used for manifesting rituals of many kinds, as well as some healing poultices for breathing, sinuses, and spiritual energy cleansing for mental clarity*
  • Powder: Not recommended
  • Tincture: Yes, has some healing properties spiritually*
  • Tea: Can be used in teas but guides say no metaphysical effects, I concur, I haven’t noticed any either
  • Salve: Yes may be used for physical and metaphysical healing*

*Disclaimer: The contents of this blog is for metaphysical, educational and entertainment purposes only. Before using or ingesting ANY herb or plant for health reasons please consult a physician for advice.

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