Still Depressed?

Most likely you are going through the five stages of grief and have stopped at depression. After a time of grieving and/or denial in some cases you can get stuck on the depression stage. Without really fully getting out of depression you avoid your feelings either by eating, alcohol or some sort of avoidance. You can get stuck in the depression stage by finding an avoidance method and go through another cycle bringing you back to depression. There is a way out of this cycle without going through a prolonged depression stage for those ready to really let go of a soulmate, death or loss and move on. My recommended method is Theta healing which I provide over distance, Skype or phone here It can be faster than other methods. Another method is to ask God, an Ascended Master like Jesus, Mary or Buddha, and Archangel Artiya’il to help you get past the stage of depression and into acceptance or beyond as quickly as possible. Like a meditation, lay there and watch, feel the healing happen until the bottoms of your feet feel heavy. Your feet feeling heavy is an indication that the healing has ended and you can go about your day. After this was revealed to me I felt significantly better. This can be done for pets, those that have passed as well as relationships. If you need more help you can find me through my website and schedule a reading or healing with me at

Anti-Depression vitamins and supplements:

+ Omega 3’s 1000mg once a day

+ Bromalain 500 mg

+ Vitamin D 2000-4000 once a day