Depression, the Stages of Grief and Recommended Vitamins & Supplements

Many of my clients come to me with symptoms of depression.  While there can be many reasons why a client may be depressed, one of the common metaphysical reasons I have found is grief.  You can go through the grief cycle whenever you feel a sense of loss, not just a death, but a loss of a relationship, job, career, friend, or even hope in your life. depression vitamin, depression vitamin

Grief can feel like a heavy fatigue where you lose motivation to do much of anything. Looking at it clairvoyantly it looks like a black, brown or red cloud of dust in your energy field.

There is a way out of this cycle without going through a prolonged depression stage for those ready to really let go of a soulmate, death or loss.  Ask God, an ascended master like Jesus, Mary or Buddha, and Archangel Artiya’il to help you get past the stage of depression and into acceptance. Like a meditation, lay on your bed and witness the healing happen until the bottoms of your feet feel heavy. Your feet feeling heavy is an indication that the healing has ended and you can go about your day.

After this was revealed to me I felt significantly better.  Another alternative if you feel you are not grieving a loss of some kind is there may be a chemical imbalance physically.  I’ve listed some vitamins and supplements that have helped me as well as other people I know to uplift their mood mentally.

If you need more help you can find me through my website and schedule a reading or healing. depression vitamin, depression vitamins

Vitamins and supplements that may help with mood and depression:

+ 5 HTP is a serotonin precursor, mood

+ L-Tyrosine – mental alertness and nervous system

+ GABA – anti-anxiety and mood enhancer

+ Acetyl-L-Carnitine – helps with depression and energy

+ Omega 3’s 1000mg once a day – reduce LDL, increase HDL, clears brain fog

+ Bromalain 500 mg – anti-inflamatory

+ Vitamin D 2000-4000 once a day – helps with mood

depression vitamins, depression vitamins

Soul Mate / Twin Flame Healing & Advice

soul mate separation, soul mate separation, soul mate separation

I’ve met my twin flame, a couple soul mates, and even more soul connections. I hope in this article to show you that they do exist, you are not alone, and give some advice on how to proceed. Every situation is different so if you need more specific advice tailored to your situation, feel free to set up a reading with your archangels here on my readings page.

Many of my clients come to their reading to ask me what to do next with their soul mate. Often times they are separated from them for one reason or another. Here is some general advice I can give depending on the situation.

If there are no serious blocks to you two getting together:

  • Look through some of the psychological literature that is out there.  Your problem in your relationship may not be past lives but psychological.  Some recommended books are “Attached” by Levine and “Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus” by Gray.  These two books probably explain the reasons for the problems seen with my clients’ relationships in 80%+ of my past readings.
  • Visualize that which you perceive is not going right actually going well as if it is going well now. The now part is important. You are sending positive energy to the situation and asking for assistance from the universe, God, angels and other manifesting beings such as elementals and nature spirits. Go in with the intention of not necessarily manipulating rather that you believe that things will go well and you are asking for help from the divine.
  • Continue to work on how you feel about yourself. How you feel about your beauty, how you are treated can be in your energy field and people will react to it. Work on your “glow” as it were. People will start reacting differently when you feel and think differently about yourself. Affirmations and belief work helps as does theta healing which I can do over distance.  My energy healing page is here.

If there are serious blocks such as marriage, they are not interested in dating your gender, or other:

  • Meditate, thank your angels and guides for joining you, visualize the white light around you for protection, and then wait for answers and guidance. Continue to ask for guidance if you continue to have feelings for the person that is strong but the block continues to persist. The reasoning maybe the timing is off or it’s something that needs to be healed on one side and/or the other. Energy healers and mediums can help you see the past lives that may be causing some of the blocks as well.
  • Go through the letting go process if you feel it just won’t work in this life. Throw out or sell anything that reminds you of them. Push feelings and thoughts of them aside consistently. Hold the intention that you plan on keeping their energy outside of your energy consistently. Sometimes their energy can give us the illusion that they are interested but that’s just their energy not their physical conscious self. It’s very important to visualize sending their energy back to them and retrieving your energy that they may have and send it back to yourself. This often brings me peace.
  • Find a real or mental bridge person to think about that makes you happy until you find the next romantic interest.
  • Do things that make you happy and not thinking of them. Watch comedy, listen to music, walk along water, go out to eat, talk with friends, play video games. Live a happy life now.
  • When you start dating again, don’t expect it to feel the same as the twin flame. It will feel different. Don’t forget that soul mates are special, that’s why we label them as such, so they will feel stronger than those that are not. They are often reminders we are all connected or what we need to work on. Work on your next relationship thinking you can create something wonderful and it will be. You can receive love again without the roller coaster ride and without the separation. Instead expect that you have to get to know the person, it will take time, unconditional love, and you’ll need to get underneath several layers to reach that level again. Give another person a chance to receive the awesomeness you can provide.

Look me up for a reading of your own so we can see what may be getting in your way. I have many years of experience delivering messages from those crossed over on the other side to those going through a soulmate and twin flame relationship.  My readings page is here.

Psychic Mediumship Insights 09/02/2017: Soul Groups and Beyond Heaven

There were a couple things revealed to me when doing psychic mediumship readings that I’d like to pass along.

The first was revealed to me shortly after one of my Aunts passed away. I was in meditation getting ready to do readings and they showed me spirits & angels going from earth to heaven, then through heaven and further into the universe until they entered what looked like a science fiction purple black hole shaped as a flower. When they went past “heaven” they said that there was more past heaven and proceeded to show me. Realistically I’m not sure what heaven is yet, in the vision it looks like a little plot of white fluffiness in the middle of space, but I suspect it is a healing place. When I was a teenager I thought a lot about heaven, as I thought that was the only place I could be happy.  In dreams I have been shown on multiple occasions a university, and in mediumship readings they will show me those that have crossed over being in a library, studying. Sometimes they will be studying for their own interests and sometimes it seems they are studying while helping those that are “alive” on earth.

When someone I know passes away I ask God to send them Archangel Michael and Jesus to help them cross over. Then I receive signs shortly, usually with 24-48 hours that it has been done.  Whatever those that have passed think they can help out with on earth as an earthbound spirit they can do better on the other side, so there it is better for everyone involved, including them, to cross over. When I speak to those that are still earthbound their mind tends to be scattered, and unfocused. There is more fear, anger and what I’ll call lower emotions. When they are crossed over the messages are clear, and peaceful. They don’t tend to get upset even when asked about things that would make us usually upset such as infidelity, abuse or murder.

The second item that has come up in a mediumship reading was two souls, or multiple, experiencing a life together then separating. We were discussing soul groups which tend to be the group you reincarnate with many times over. I usually see soul groups similar to an atom or Saturn, with a central circle, then multiple thin circles around the center. Your soul group usually consists of those in your family such as your mother, father, grandparents, aunts, or siblings, although not always every member of your family. I would say, it’s probably the one(s) you feel most familiar with although that doesn’t always mean you’ll get along. In fact you can have quite tumultuous times with them. The one I know in this life that was in my soul group was my mother, who while feels the most familiar to me, we also had some difficult times when I turned from 11-13 years of age but eventually became best friends at age 16. Back to the revelation on multiple souls, they showed me while talking about soul groups that two souls can join up and experience at least part of a life together and split at any point in time in that life. In other words, you could have more than one soul experiencing your life experiences with you. It was revealed however that they don’t have to stay the entire length of the life.  This opens up questions for me such as are these only your soul group members that can do this, or can they be soul mates, soul connections or even souls you haven’t met yet but were paired to experience something together for at least a time?  I’ll make an update if I come across this information in the future.

As I am shown more in my readings I will pass along the knowledge in this blog.

Need a psychic mediumship reading yourself? Feel free to visit my website and schedule your next appointment. I do distance readings over phone, email and chat as well as in person.

Client’s Love & Relationship Question



A client the other day asked me why her relationship not working out if she and her love interest had so much in common.

The answers I received from spirit were two-fold.  One, soul connections are brought into our lives and there is often a purpose to it.  You may pick up on the uniqueness of the connection, however that doesn’t mean it will work out forever, or “til death do you part”.  Sometimes you learn something from them and move on.  Both partners need to work through their issues.  Spirit showed me paths splitting due to a fork in the road; in other words your life paths may not be parallel for the rest of your lives and it can cause a struggle or feeling of incompleteness later in the relationship.  Some couples, including soul connections & Soul Mates, are short term for various reasons.  The second message I received was to discuss my parents.  My parents have been married over 51 years and still going strong.  They are almost complete opposites; one extremely logical and the other very good at expressing her emotions.  In some ways they make up for what the other lacks and can be a very good paring.  Sometimes they don’t understand each other at all, but they accept it, or ask their children what the other means as we have become translators for each side.  They make it work doing their own thing as they are very independent people with unique interests.

Society today, probably because of movies and other forms of entertainment, make us feel that we are to match up and be completely like our mate, however 50+ years ago the opposite was believed.  The full spectrum of similarities and differences can work out potentially.  If you have differences, great!  That could make it interesting for you and they can turn out to be helpful to you in the future.

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Balance Chakras with Affirmations


The following are affirmations for the main chakras along the body.  Affirmations are statements made in your mind, out loud or written that can help heal and balance you.  Better out loud or written, but still effective if repeated in your mind.  Typically people repeat each affirmation 3 times for intension.  Some have multiple that are effective so I’ve listed them with a 2 or 3.  Some of these came intuitively to me, some came from Reiki class, and others came from Louise Hay.

Feet: “I love to walk on mother earth.”
Feet 2: “It is safe to walk on mother earth.”

Ankle: “I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasure life has to offer.”

Knees: “I am Flexible and Flowing”

Root (Safety): “I am safe”
Root 2 (Financial): “I trust the process of life.  All I need is taken care of.  I am Safe.”

Sacral:”I relate to others with ease.”

Solar Plexus: “I stand in my unique power.”

Heart:”I am love.”

Throat:”I express my truth.”

Third Eye:”I see things as they are.”

Crown:”I am connected to, and cared for by the divine in all ways and in all days.”



Why am I not satisfied with what I have?


I’ll keep it simple.  First, we are all connected spiritually, energetically.  Second, the most common “want” I hear when people manifest or do vision boards is abundance or money (even over love).  So, you have a whole bunch of people asking for more money, we are affected by the energy and connected, so where is the money going to come from?  You and me.  So we are constantly tugged to buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume so the money goes around and fulfills everyone’s want.  Doesn’t matter how much you have, the cycle seems to continue until we learn. 

 What do I do?  I ask God to protect me from everyone asking for more abundance and money for the day.  I ask God to fill my emptiness and restore my right mind.  Then end it with please and thank you for intention.  Works great, that emptiness and want feeling just goes away. 

Psychic Protection


There is a number of shields and protection I ask for every morning before I leave the house.  These shields and protection help me have full energy all day, at work and when I go out.  As your vibration increases you will notice energy more and notice what drains you.  Here is what I learned so I no longer need caffeine.  Allow yourself to visualize these protections happening after you ask for them.

-I ask for a full light spectrum shield, that is all the colors of the rainbow in a series of shields. ” God, Please put a full light spectrum of shields around me, including pink to protect me from the negative emotions and negative energy of others, gold to transmute negative energy into positive and a shield to protect me from attachments for the next 24 hours.  It is done,it is done, it is done and so it is.”

-I ask for a shield around my home and my workplace.  “God, please put a shield around my workplace and home, to prevent earthbounds, waywards, shadows and negative entities from entering through portals, realms or any other method for the next 24 hours. It is done,it is done, it is done and so it is.”

-I ask for God to put a crystal pyramid around me for 24 hours for protection.

-I ask for additional protectors.  “God, please send me any ascended masters, archangels, angels, and other beings in the light I need to protect me from earthbounds, waywards, shadows, negative entities, psychic attacks, attachments, energy drains and negative energy.  Please let them know how to best protect me today.   It is done,it is done, it is done and so it is.”

-“God please help me not be a magnet for emf, static electricity and radiation for the next 24 hours.    Please and thank you.  It is done,it is done, it is done and so it is.” (you can ask for a shield as well.)

-I ask God to block me from absorbing the energy in the environment around me, from people around me, from spiritual entities, people’s thoughts and from people talking about me for 24 hours.  This helps me get up in the morning.  Then ask God to give you whatever energy and love you need to feel energetic and loved from God

-I ask God to block me from receiving anything from people’s shadow selves, attachments, negative selves and egos for the next 24 hours

-“God please remove any radiation, emf, and static electrivity from me within safe levels.  Please and thank you.  It is done,it is done, it is done and so it is.”

-If your heart hurts, and your heart should be in perfect health, I recommend this protection-“God, please send me beings in the light (angels or archangels if you prefer) that can tell earthbounds waywards, shadows, negative entities, that I do not do readings for them for free, and to speak to their angels and Jesus (or ascended master of your choice) if they wish to cross over for the next 24 hours.  Please and thank you.  It is done, it is done, it is done and so it is.”

-“God please remove anyone else’s energy I absorbed in the last 24 hours that is no longer serving me and replace with healing energy that is best and highest for me. Do with their energy what is best and highest for them.  Please and thank you.  It is done,it is done, it is done and so it is.”

You may not need all of this, so try each one until you feel better.  If you need more advice, check out my webpage at and setup an appointment with me.

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Releasing Anxiety and Stress


Do you feel unexplained anxiety or stress?

There are multiple reasons why this may be happening, depending on how “strong” you are with your metaphysical abilities.  If you are an empath, you could be sensing someone else’s issues, in that case just say in your mind “This is not me, it is someone else” and it will go away.

If you haven’t healed yourself energetically in a while you may have some negative energy backed up, mostly probably in your legs that need to be released.  This can cause anxiety, alcohol addictions, and overeating to name a few.  Your body wants to release it and here are a few ways to do that my yourself (with angels of course).

Option 1:  Close your eyes, take a few breaths, and imagine roots coming from the bottom of your feet down into mother earth, until they hit her core.  Imagine the negative energy as a color, it could be black, brown, red, orange, or yellow commonly.  Relax, then imagine you releasing it, almost like a liquid, from your head through the bottoms of your feet into mother earth.  Make sure you are imagining it going into the ground, not into your room.  If you make this mistake then ask angels to transmute this energy (the way you can tell is you will feel tired in the room you cleansed in while energetic elsewhere).  Wait until that whole color is gone.  If you see another color pop up, release it.  Sometimes I’ll release all the colors listed above, as they represent different things or layers.  When it feels like you released enough imagine green energy coming above through your head filling you up.  The other color appropriate for this replacement is gold, as it transmutes negative energy into positive.  No other color should be used to replace negative.  The purpose of this is when you remove something, you should replace it, most of time.  When this is complete you can open your eyes and go about your day.

Option 2: This is quick and easy and great to do in the morning because it instantly restores your energy.  Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths.  Imagine your angels (or God) removing your legs, one by one.  They take your leg, put it in a big vat of gold and the leg turns to gold.  From their closet off to the side, they pull out a brand new gold leg and replace your leg that was removed with it.  Do this process for each leg (remember the feet!), your hip area, torso, arms, throat and head.  Once complete you will feel so much better and it will be easier to get out of the bed in the morning.

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Ending Negative Relationship Cycles you Feel Stuck In


Are you seeing cycles or patterns in your relationship that don’t seem to stop no matter what you do? Do you feel chained to someone with no relief in sight?  You may have a karmic debt with this person.  We can have many past lives with someone, and when you feel you are in a negative cycle with someone that you feel you can’t get out of, then it would be a good idea to cut the cords to the past.  This stops the negative cycles with someone and that chained feeling, not necessarily your relationship with the person.

How to cut cords to the past:
-Close your eyes
-Take three deep breaths
-Go up into space and pretend you are meeting God, in an area where there is only light
-Ask God to cut any past negative karmic cords you have with that person
-Give it some time to work, wait for a warming or tingling sensation to end
-When you feel or think it is complete you can open your eyes

This will cut any past negative karmic cords or debt you have with this person and the seemingly unending cycles of grief, sorrow and control can end.

If you need more help with your relationship or healing, please feel free to visit my website, and sign up for a theta healing session with me.

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Sexual Fears


Many of us have had multiple past lives, and often times have been both genders. You don’t have to go too far in the past on earth to see that women were not treated that well in the bedroom or outside of it. Chances are high you probably did not have great sexual experiences in your past lives (or even this one for that matter). On top of that, if you were a woman in a past life you very well could have had a miscarriage or died during childbirth.

So you know you have some fears in that area, what can you do about it?

Sex, childbirth and gender issues (as well as relationship issues) tend to be centered around the sacral charka, or abdominal area. Now if we are talking about death during childbirth or a violation sexually, then that is Root chakra, or safety. The root chakra is best described as the area at the base of your spine. I would recommend healing both of these chakras at the same time for sexual issues.

The color for sacral chakra is orange and coordinates with sunstone, orange calcite, or copper. Moonstone is great on this area as well. The color for root chakra is red. My favorites are red tiger eye, and red jasper (some black stones are excellent as well such as black tourmaline, onyx, and obsidian. Black is usually grounding stones. Steer clear of “magic” stones such as Merlinite and Nummite.).  Red tiger eye is best for sexual issues including arousal.

Ask God to send you healers to best help heal your past life and current life sexual issues. You can be more specific if you’d like or keep it general. If you are not comfortable with talking to God, I recommend asking Archangel Raphael and Jesus or Mary or Buddha. Then meditate with the crystals listed above and/or concentrate on orange and red.


Affirmations said out loud or written down are extremely useful and quick way to open and heal your chakras. Say or write down three times for intention.

Sacral: “I relate to others with ease” (3x)

Root: “I am safe and protected” (3x)

For more advice, see my website,

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In a controlling or manipulative relationship?


Many controlling relationships are to teach us to stand up for ourselves, that we have worth/deserve what we really want, and, you guessed it, to love ourselves. Why do you feel that you can’t stand up for yourself? Why did you get into the relationship to begin with? I’ve spoken to many women in the same position, and much of the time it is because they don’t have a job, fears of losing money/home, fears of arguments/separation going horribly wrong or because of kids. If they think they have something over you, they can use that against you, either directly spoken or indirectly implied. Sometimes it may all be in your mind, because of beliefs or fears in your subconscious/conscious. Whatever the reason is, it’s time to work on your solar plexus, and probably your throat chakra as well.

The Solar Plexus is right around your stomach (many people with control or manipulation issues have stomach issues such as overeating, anorexia, bulimia or addiction issues). The chakra color is yellow, so meditating with yellow stones such as citrine, yellow calcite, and angel wing calcite helps. You can also visualize yellow when you meditate. Ask your angels, ascended masters (Jesus, Mary, Buddha, etc) and/or God to help heal your solar plexus issues while meditating, in both past lives and current life.  If you don’t meditate, ask them to heal you overnight.

The throat chakra is at the bottom of your throat, and when out of balance you either don’t speak up enough or you talk too much. Similarly, someone who is overly controlling to others can have an out of balance solar plexus chakra. Do the same meditation and healing for the throat as you did for the solar plexus but with blue stones/crystals or by visualizing blue.

When you are being controlled it is often because you don’t love yourself enough to stand up for yourself, or you feel you can’t because of money, children, fear of change, etc. Each of these may be linked to subconscious fears, past lives or other levels best healed with Theta Healing. Feel free to contact me at for a theta healing session.


You can also heal your chakras by saying affirmations three times to yourself (saying them out loud or writing them down is best)

Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmation: “I Stand in My Unique Power.” (3x)

Throat Chakra Affirmation: “I Express My Truth” (3x)

An excellent book that I still refer to is “The Book of Chakra Healing” by Liz Simpson. It includes colors, yoga moves, crystals, archetypes, and affirmations for each chakra. The only thing she doesn’t include is sound frequencies to heal/clear chakras. There may be other resources for sound frequency healing using crystal bowls, tuning forks, and gongs to name a few.

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black hole

There can be multiple reasons why you feel empty.  Some of it may have to do with needing to ground or a feeling of separation from God or others.  When we feel empty we may turn to addictions such as food, alcohol or other activities which can actually be quite grounding activities and therefore help us feel better, but may cause guilt/shame later on. A common reason for feeling empty can be a fear of or disconnect with God.  Many of us were raised in religions that told us in different ways that God is to be feared, but God can provide unlimited energy and love that can fill that emptiness you feel faster than anything.  So here is the fastest way to feel better without directly healing the underlining issue:

-Ask God every morning to send you what energy and love you need to feel complete, whole, satisfied and fulfilled for the next 24 hours.  End with “It is done, it is done, it is done, and so it is” to establish intention.

-If you feel a bit ungrounded (unfocused, dizzy, hard to concentrate, unusual anxiety) also try to ground yourself.  Running your hands under water, taking a shower, walking barefoot outside, and holding a black stone are all good ways to ground.  You can also ask God to help keep you grounded as well. Check out other ways on the web including here:

To directly heal the underlining issue of why you feel separated from God or fear God, I recommend Theta Healing, which I provide over the phone and in person.  Please visit to setup an appointment with me.

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Love Yourself Healing

love yourself

I’m sure by now you’ve read in many metaphysical articles to love yourself.  It is a common theme and life lesson for many to learn to love yourself and certainly one you’ll learn if you run into a twin flame or soul mate relationship.  So how does one do this?  For many it is far easier to unconditionally love someone else rather than yourself.  First step is recognizing the reasons why you do not, and then asking for it to be pulled and healed.

Common reasons why you may not (may include more, unique to your situation):

-Your perception that your parents didn’t love you (for most of us they did, but as we grow older we realize they were under stress/busy/didn’t realize how they were being perceived)
-Appearance/attractiveness issues – unrealistic expectations by society
-Rejection by someone in the past, friendship, relationship, crush or family
-Anger, negative thoughts we have had that we are ashamed of
-Not achieving something (keeping up with the joneses, career, weight, etc)
-Some sort of “sin” or breaking the rules

How to heal it:

Get in a relaxed place, ask God to send you Archangel Raphael and an ascended master such as Jesus, Mary, Buddha or someone else on that level you are comfortable with.  You can just go with God as well if you prefer.

List out in your head or on paper why you think you don’t love or approve of yourself.  You may hear something in your mind about how you don’t deserve it or are not worthy.  After you list it out, ask God/Raphael/Jesus to pull these beliefs and fears and heal them in both past lives and current life (you can do this in your head and end with “it is done, it is done, it is done” followed by “and so it is”.  This establishes intention).  I like to do this while I am lying in bed before I go to sleep, which is very relaxing and I go to sleep easily afterwards.

Why do we need to love ourselves?  Well, a lot of what holds us back from being happy is we don’t think we are worthy or deserve, so we don’t go after what we want, or we don’t protect ourselves from others.  I found growing up I would be overly protective of others but when it came to protecting myself I wouldn’t put in much, if any, effort.  Many people are like this, you are not alone.  This is the easiest way I have found to get through this with very little training or effort.  Good luck!

If you’d like more advice or healing visit me on my website, and schedule an appointment with me.

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Fairies (Faeries)


I’ve had a few experiences with fairies (faeries) that I can share with you.  I’ve actually seen a few fairies in my life, one with my eyes open and another in a meditative state.  They can be really cool.  Here are a few things I have learned.

  • Whenever I ask the fairies, elementals or divas for anything, I ask God to give them something in return for helping me.  It’s kind of like when humans do work, they like to be paid for their time.  Same thing here.
  • Having problems with training your pets or getting them to do what you want?  I’ve been told that fairies, divas and elementals can act as their guardians and guides.  Some people can have fairies around them consistently as well (I’ve noticed this with red haired or people with celtic heritage).  If you have trouble training your pet ask their fairies to help with whatever it is.  I would talk to the fairies out loud, or ask your angels to deliver the message if you are in a situation where you can’t.  I have had a lot of success with this and highly recommend it.
  • Lost pet?  Ask their fairies or fairies around you to guide your pet home.  Consistently this has worked for me, and my friends’ pets have guided themselves home, often times my friends will find the pet standing outside their door calling to them.
  • They can help you communicate with your pets (plants, stones, etc).  Just talk to your pet out loud and ask their fairy’s (ies) help with understanding between you.
  • They like it when you talk to them.  Also, they like organic fruits, nuts and home baked goods (as organic as possible).  If you want to thank them present them with a few of these things in a pretty dish and say out loud that this is for them and whatever message you want them to hear, such as thank you for returning my pet, playing with my pet, etc.  I usually light a candle or leave a few small crystals out (usually I do a ring of chakra crystals around a candle).  Any combination of these things (leaves, shells, stones, feathers) and a verbal statement letting them know you did this for them will be appreciated.  After I did this once, I saw my first fairy when I woke up in the middle of the night with my own eyes.  Very cool.
  • They can Heal You.  When I walk outside I ask God to send me any combination of fairies, divas and elementals that are best and highest for me to help me heal or ground to earth, and then ask that God send them something they want in return for helping me out.  I can usually feel them working right after that and feel great after my walk.
  • They can play with your animals.  When I first got my cat I felt bad every time I had to go to work, so I asked before I left that the fairies would play with her when I left.  Shorty there after I would see her chasing a little pink circle the size of an inch around the home.  Made me feel much better.
  • They like it when you do things for animals and the environment.  Picking up trash, cleaning up the neighborhood, and recycling are all easy things to do to show you care.

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Meditation with…Shells!


I usually meditate with crystals and stones daily with Buddha and other healers. I like using the chakra sets and I have them in various shapes such as pyramids, double terminated points and angelic shapes to cover my main chakras (I sell them too, see my shop here). I usually meditate before I do readings, using a relaxed lying down posture in bed because it is more comfortable for me. meditation with shells, meditation with shells, meditation with shells
Well, recently I’ve been thinking about conch shells. I was attracted to them in stores and received the idea to meditate with them. So I picked a few up, held them in my left palm, and asked them if they were mine. I usually look for a warming sensation or a thumping to come from crystals, stones, or now, shells to indicate whether our energy works well together. After a few, I found one that felt stronger and bought it.

I continued to receive the idea intuitively to meditate with it so I did last night. I saw clairvoyantly to use it on my heart chakra more than once, so that is where I put it after cleansing it. This morning I noticed a big difference in how my love interest reacted to me and how I responded. After cleansing your shells, try using them for your meditations and use your intuition on which chakra or meridian to use them on for heaking. I also assemble my own shell meditation sets, align them with the right chakras and sell them on my shop here.

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Happy shell healing!

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How to listen to your Intuition and Feelings


A lot of people ask me how to listen to their intuition.  They know they are intuitive but have some doubts on what is intuition, feelings, doubts, worries, or messages when they try to actively use it.  I tell my friends, listen to your positive feelings first.  That is the first step.  Want to go to the bookstore?  Go for it.  Want to go get a fish taco, go ahead!  You may find a feather on your way, or a coin.  The name of the person you are interested in on the tv screen.  All of these are messages.  For intuition, I tell people that it is usually the first thing that comes to mind.  It is the first thing you see on the menu or the first chair you see at the bar.  Just happened to me tonight actually.  The person I sat next to ended up giving me the message I needed as validation.  Intuition will be quieter than doubts and fears, and doubts and fears usually come after your intuitive thought.  Sometimes we get a knowing, where we are just right and that is the end of it.  That is intuition as well.  So, I would say concentrate on following your positive feelings first, then work on following that first thought, and ignoring the doubts after.  The more you do it, the more validation you receive and the better you will be at listening to it.  Then magical things really start happening for the better.

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Pyramid Release Healing


This is a releasing mediation I learned from Cythina Silk, the famous angel channeler on the Best Psychic Directory.

Lay down, in your bed or in some comfortable chair. Imagine yourself in a crystal pyramid, whatever color that comes up is fine.  Ask that Archangel Raphael and his angels (you can include an ascended master of course) join you and help you release whatever pain or negativity that is still holding you back, both from past lives and current life.  Then just imagine yourself being in this pyramid for a while.  It might take 30 minutes but the angels will remove this negativity and heal these areas.  I do this before I fall asleep at night in my bed, that is where it is most comfortable for me.

Some common areas for many people to work on:

  1. Love and relationships (you can do it by the person as well)
  2. Family issues
  3. Career issues
  4. Racism or prejudice (even if you feel prejudiced against)
  5. Friendships/relationships with others (non-love)

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Stop the Relationship Patterns!


Do you see patterns play over and over again in your life, particularly with one person?  I noticed something that happened in all my relationships, including with my soul mate, so I used a ritual taught to me by an akashic record expert.  I asked God to tell my soul mate’s guardian angels that I was sorry if I did (the pattern) to them in any life we had together, and that I forgive myself and I forgive that person.  Then the pattern stopped.  If you see patterns in your relationships, I would recommend using this method to stop that pattern so you can move on with your life.  You don’t have to suffer.  Best of luck!  Want more advice?  I am a Psychic Medium and offer psychic mediumship readings day or night.  Visit my website at  Look forward to speaking with you!

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Do You Feel Like You Do All the Giving?


Do you feel like you do all the giving in your relationship?  Well, you may be with someone who is comfortable with receiving, but not really in giving back.  A lot of times, some of us are raised to think it is better to give than receive and get to the point in our lives where we feel guilty for receiving.  Then the people we are paired with have gotten comfortable with receiving and may even be dependant on those that give too much because they never learned to take care of themselves.  When you have a giving and receiving imbalance resentment can build but also the giver can feel drained after a time.  Instead of trying to change the other person, I would ask your angels to help you receive more in your life.  Your angels can help you receive more in your life from other places to help you feel less drained.  Waiting for your partner, parent, friend or sibling to give more might take a while, or not happen at all, take care of yourself now and ask for assistance from the universe.  When the gifts come, be sure to receive them openly.  I have other hints and tricks to help you feel less drained and more balanced everday.  Check it out on the readings and healings page :

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I’m sure some of you have wondered what your dreams mean. You wake up and run through it trying to  decode the message.  Some are easier to see the message and some are not.  If you don’t intuitively understand your dream I recommend that you write it down and review it for the next week.  I usually write it down in a dream journal I keep by my bed.  That way I can write it down immediately after waking, so I can get the most details.  If it doesn’t make sense now, it might later, maybe in 24 hours or within the week.  When you look back on your dreams a light bulb might go off and it might remind you of something that happened during the week.  Use your intuition when interpreting your dreams.  If it doesn’t make sense right away, wait a bit for the validation.  You might find out that it was in fact a premonition of things to come.

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