Soul Groups and “Beyond Heaven”

There were a couple things revealed to me when doing psychic mediumship readings that I’d like to pass along.

The first was revealed to me shortly after one of my Aunts passed away. I was in meditation getting ready to do readings and they showed me spirits & angels going from earth to heaven, then through heaven and further into the universe until they entered what looked like a science fiction purple black hole shaped as a flower. When they went past “heaven” they said that there was more past heaven and proceeded to show me. Realistically I’m not sure what heaven is yet, in the vision it looks like a little plot of white fluffiness in the middle of space, but I suspect it is a healing place. When I was a teenager I thought a lot about heaven, as I thought that was the only place I could be happy.  In dreams I have been shown on multiple occasions a university, and in mediumship readings they will show me those that have crossed over being in a library, studying. Sometimes they will be studying for their own interests and sometimes it seems they are studying while helping those that are “alive” on earth.

When someone I know passes away I ask God to send them Archangel Michael and Jesus to help them cross over. Then I receive signs shortly, usually with 24-48 hours that it has been done.  Whatever those that have passed think they can help out with on earth as an earthbound spirit they can do better on the other side, so there it is better for everyone involved, including them, to cross over. When I speak to those that are still earthbound their mind tends to be scattered, and unfocused. There is more fear, anger and what I’ll call lower emotions. When they are crossed over the messages are clear, and peaceful. They don’t tend to get upset even when asked about things that would make us usually upset such as infidelity, abuse or murder.

The second item that has come up in a mediumship reading was two souls, or multiple, experiencing a life together then separating. We were discussing soul groups which tend to be the group you reincarnate with many times over. I usually see soul groups similar to an atom or Saturn, with a central circle, then multiple thin circles around the center. Your soul group usually consists of those in your family such as your mother, father, grandparents, aunts, or siblings, although not always every member of your family. I would say, it’s probably the one(s) you feel most familiar with although that doesn’t always mean you’ll get along. In fact you can have quite tumultuous times with them. The one I know in this life that was in my soul group was my mother, who while feels the most familiar to me, we also had some difficult times when I turned from 11-13 years of age but eventually became best friends at age 16. Back to the revelation on multiple souls, they showed me while talking about soul groups that two souls can join up and experience at least part of a life together and split at any point in time in that life. In other words, you could have more than one soul experiencing your life experiences with you. It was revealed however that they don’t have to stay the entire length of the life.  This opens up questions for me such as are these only your soul group members that can do this, or can they be soul mates, soul connections or even souls you haven’t met yet but were paired to experience something together for at least a time?  I’ll make an update if I come across this information in the future.

As I am shown more in my readings I will pass along the knowledge in this blog.

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