Meditation with…Shells!


I usually meditate with crystals and stones.  I like using the chakra sets I have in various shapes such as pyramids, double terminated points and discs to cover my main chakras.  I meditate before I go to sleep, while lying in bed because it is more comfortable for me.  Well, recently I’ve been thinking about conch shells.  I kept looking at them in stores and felt drawn to them.  Recently I got the idea to meditate with them, so I picked a few up, held them in my left palm, and asked in my head if they were mine.  I usually look for a warming sensation or a thumping to come from crystals, stones, or now, shells to indicate whether our energy works well together.  After a few I found one that felt stronger and bought it.  I kept getting the idea to meditate with it so I did last night.  I visualized using it on my heart chakra more than once, so that is where I put it after cleansing it.  This morning I noticed a big difference in how my love interest reacted to me and how I responded.  After cleansing your shells, try using them for your meditations and use your intuition on which chakra or meridian to use them on.

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