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Angel Series: The Seraphim

Source: MS Word stock images, artist unknown

This is an article on the Seraphim as a conclusion of my series concerning the hierarchy of angels that started in 2019. The others included in the angels’ ranking include the angels, archangels, principalities, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.


First of all I can say this about the Seraphim. They are so selfless, that when I connected for a chat it’s never about them, they are always asking me how they can help me. Every time I connect during a reading to learn about them, I’d ask what do the Seraphim do, what they were responsible for, and what they wanted people to know about them. In no time they were analyzing me, my life, asking me what they could help me with in my life. Many times I’d be like, wait no, I’m here to learn about you! All of them did this, and that is partially, if not wholly, why this took so long to finish! I think Seraphim was one of the first levels of angels I started with, and turned out to be the last to finish. So, selfless would definitely be a word to describe the Seraphim.

1st Seraphim reading(s):

He/She greeted me with aloha! This was done a long time ago so unfortunately I don’t remember or see the name of the Seraphim in my notes (sorry!). This is what I received from one of the first Seraphim I spoke to:

  • They create control and order, I saw a visual of someone rearranging cords (creating order in the universe)
  • They are high level angels for God
  • They said they are not the highest level of angels, which if you look them up most literature refers to them as the highest
  • Humans don’t call on them generally, they can, but generally don’t. God can assign them if needed, I’ve asked for them from time to time and have received phenomenal results.
  • A name of one of the Seraphim is Seraphiel, I did ask to speak to him a while back. Most, if not all, the Seraphim I spoke to were very clear in a reading.

One article online referred to them as fiery beings. They didn’t represent as fiery to me. I asked if they are fiery, I received a no.

  • I see colors coming out of their hands here, they can affect how people feel, mend the wounded heart in different ways, not just love but grief
  • They make things positive, great transmuters
  • The moon does affect the ocean’s waves on earth but there is also a consciousness that some people tap into when the moon shifts
  • Astrology is not just made up, some elementals carry it out as in your experiences, feelings, energies connected to astrology
  • They are problem solvers
  • They are helpers
  • They travel quite a bit, they go between planes, I see one zooming around earth like superman, they monitor the world
  • They’ve reincarnated as many beings including humans, some animals as well
  • They can zoom into a family or an individual situation, and then zoom out looking at and helping earth in an aerial view (the forest and the trees!)
  • They protect people, care about others, they love people and animals, they also take care of earth as well as energies
  • They can work with elemental planes but there are high level beings on that plane that handle things on that level

Reading #2…or so

In a later reading with another Seraphim, who used the name Galadriel, I was told that a Seraphim may be made of many beings, and I see one being interconnecting with multiple others here. One but many concept here. They are powerful creators, they can create energy, thoughts, movements, they have enough energy to pass inertia, healing, they work with individuals in their earthly life as well as bigger universe projects, their focus is serving God. In this reading Galadriel said that “the earth needs help”, referring and showing me visually pollution and people abusing what we have on the planet.

Photo source: MS Word stock images

Reading #3…or so

In October 2022, I spoke to a Seraphim named Joe. Here is some topics he brought up as well:

  • They are many beings in one, we are interconnected to many beings, to accomplish our tasks
  • They can be autonomous as well as take orders from God
  • They can help with hard diseases, ones with no cures, ones that affect mental, spiritual and/or physically
  • They may help with environmental issues, fires, floods, they would need to be a certain size and affect a certain amount of beings to get to a Seraphim level as there are other beings that may assist in those disasters as well. Even in another visual I see the sky, clouds swirling and moving here, with the concept of issues concerning heating and cooling of the earth. Seraphim are very concerned about pollution, healing spiritually, the earth, sky, ourselves, other angels
  • As for nature spirits and elementals, they don’t heal them generally, they have their own groups of healers and helpers on their plane
  • An interesting note, I also received that they heal God. Think of God at the spa with Seraphim putting cucumbers on His eyes, cotton balls between the toes, and exfoliating facial masks. Even God needs a little break.
Photo source: MS Word, Stock Images


Last but not least, I usually ask for a sign to represent the angel level. I was given a white flower, I saw 5 petals, some stamen in the center, but they said it can be any white flower. Generally how signs go is if you see a white flower and think of Seraphim then it is to remind you of them, to feel connected to All That Is.

Photo Source: Andrea Knight

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Angel Series: The Archangels

Source: Assembled with free clipart by Andrea Knight

This is an article on the Archangels as part of my series concerning the hierarchy of angels. The others included in the angels’ ranking include the angels, archangels, principalities, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.


Some of the archangels’ purpose was revealed to me as being helpers, healers, protectors, guides, comforters, to help you find things (incl. parking spaces, houses, lost items), bring peace, and messengers that assist with everyday things we ask for or that they are assigned to do. Today when I asked for verification and additional information I was told they also help with “magic”. When I asked what magic was they told me they helped make things “appear” from seemingly out of nowhere. When you feel you’ve misplaced something they can also help you find it.

That last note on magic reminded me of the time when I read that one angel sign was feathers. I went into the bank to make a transaction, and peered through the window and thought about looking for angel signs in the clouds (finding shapes in the clouds to remind you of them, someone, a thing). When I exited the bank and went back to my car I found a big long black feather, maybe 8 inches long, on the sidewalk by the front bumper. I knew it wasn’t there when I went into the bank. It must have only been 5 minutes. Very cool, I had just read about angels using feathers for signs the day before.

Here are a few archangel names and some of what they’ve been known to help with:

  • Archangel Michael – Protection, removing entities, crossing people (& beings) over, removing negative energy in your aura
  • Archangel Azrael – Crossing people over
  • Archangel Raphael – Healing
  • Archangel Gabriel – Protection, love, relationships, communication, healing
  • Archangel Chamuel: Relationships, love
  • Archangel Uriel: Grounding, healing
  • Archangel Artiya’il – Healer of Grief

Their Signs

I asked for signs that would indicate that someone was being visited by an archangel and receive validation from them. Here is what they gave me:

  • Hearts <3 – I saw a visual of pink and white, maybe red, but they say any color
  • Wings – this may overlap some of the other angels in the series but they did mention this
  • Light bulb (when shown this they said because “we are the light”)
  • the number 808 – if you think about it the number kind of looks like wings on either side of a body or like a butterfly. 8 is also associated with infinity and abundance.
  • Strong – think biceps, tough as steel, and I hear that commercial when two steal doors slam together

What They Look Like

What I have found over the years is archangels can approach you with any look they wish, even one that you have envisioned. Archangel Michael I usually see in some sort of color red, like a old Roman military uniform, a sword, or a crusader, etc. Raphael is usually the color green for healing. Unlike the other angels in this series instead of describing the one that spoke to me during the reading, I’ll tell you that for the most part they’ve approached me as very tall beings with very large wings, varying in color, clothing and accessories.

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Angel Series: The Virtues

This is an article on the Virtues as part of my series concerning the hierarchy of angels. Look at my links at the bottom of the page for more on dominions, thrones, cherubim and others.

The Virtues are after the powers in the ranking of angels. The others included in the angels’ ranking include the angels, archangels, principalities, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.

This reading, or set of readings as it turns out was my most difficult of the series. It took 3 readings over 2 years to put all this together and to receive validation. I would start out in saying that Virtues are not ones you would have a psychic or mediumship reading with, it doesn’t seem like that is their purpose. So, given this, if you do decide to do a reading with one, be forewarned that it is different in how it feels and what you see clairvoyantly. You may want to call a principality or archangel to mediate the process of communication. Virtues are not assigned to people when they are reincarnated, and are not usually called upon by humans.

In fact their purpose I found out was not what is written online.

What They Look Like

First I’ll start with the good stuff. I asked how they wanted to present themselves and what their sign was so you knew when you were being visited by a Virtue. First I saw a bright blue light, very straight pointed electric blue points, like a blue bright star with many many points. The next visual I was given for a virtue was a grand tall angel, indigo was the prominent color I saw first, and it was the color of the feathers in his wings closest to his body. The tips of the wings had red in some places (not all) next to the indigo, and gold at the tips. Some gold feathers decorated the top parts where the arms where extended. In the indigo wing area when I focused I could see lettering in another language in a lighter blue, almost camouflaged. Guides explained to me words were written there. On top of his head there was a very clear animal skull, in fact there was a native American theme and several visuals of native Americans around this Virtue reading. This may be unique to this individual that was representing Virtues for me in the last reading. It was explained to me the headdress was of an Ox skull, to represent, specifically zooming in at the teeth here and how they grind, strength.

Their Signs

As far as signs they had two. One was 33, not the triple 3, but just 33. The second was an ornate street lamp, looked old world, and I heard to help “light the way”, which will make more sense when we review their duties.

At least twice when I had a reading for this Virtue blog my solar plexus hurt. This last time an energy hit my head and I felt very high vibrational or like my head was a helium balloon. In multiple readings I was told Virtues have great power, and I think they were trying to show me that as well as the nature of their work.


When I asked what Virtues did in multiple readings I was told it was too complex for us to understand. So note that as I didn’t give up and continued to ask anyway. I was given visuals and metaphors, so do note these are metaphors and what they actually do may differ slightly. I was told they do many things, one of which is they clean up the energy created or left behind when spirits travel from place to place. I was told that some work needs to be done that can’t be “seen”. I was shown as a metaphor the area between walls. Many people don’t look at these areas where there are electrical wires, pipes, wood 2×4’s, and spiderwebs to hold up the house. It is the area “unseen” or “in between”. In this area the energy gets stuck as spirits pass through or send messages. They showed me a door frame, and someone walking through. As the spirit walks through the door frame in the hypothetical spiritual plane the energy may get stuck behind these “walls”, metaphorically the unseen plane. Guides told me that even God doesn’t always go to the areas that they work and clear the energy, partially why this area is called “the unseen”. Their job does not always have to do with negative energy or entities, the energy can come from angels too. What is left behind the walls is referred to and seen by me as sticky, gunky energy, but not necessarily bad or negative all the time.

Source: Andrea Knight

This job is very important I was told because when the energy is cleared the spirits, angels, etc can find their way easier and not get confused. Hence the street lamp as one of their signs to represent them, to help others to find their way. Too much of this gunky energy (in one reading they repeatedly called it “muck”) in these in-between areas, may confuse spiritual beings traveling from place to place. It’s like the energy left behind has information in it that may make them turn right at Albuquerque instead of going straight. Keeping these areas clean reduces confusion and helps them travel easier, “to find their way”.

When this energy is removed it may be replaced with something else, in one reading I was told a seraphim may replace it but the being that replaces the energy may vary.

Other duties include:

  • cleaning up areas of neg energy
  • escort neg entities back to where they should go
  • they make sounds, I heard chords or music and saw strings of energy; its not music, it’s sounds whose purpose is to release built up energy, they said sometimes the pent up energy hurts in the heart chakra area

Like the other angels in this series they can have friends, family, and spiritual houses on the other side. They can play, fly, and chase each other. However they do not reincarnate anymore, and some were assigned to this rank from the beginning instead of working up the ranks. It’s like being born into this role.

If you are willing, ask God to send a blessing to the Virtues today to thank them for making the spiritual paths easier to navigate.

Source: Warner Brothers, Picture from Fotoeins Fotografie, I don’t own any part of the picture, no copyright infringement intended

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Source: Jacob Surland, “Venezian canal at night”

Angel Series: The Powers

Wing made by Quách Triều, https://flic.kr/p/PkA9PZ, public domain. Modification with star done by Andrea Knight.

This is an article on the Powers as part of my series concerning the hierarchy of angels. Look at my links at the bottom of the page for more on dominions, thrones, cherubim and others.

The Powers are after the principalities in the ranking of angels. The others included in the angels’ ranking include the angels, archangels, principalities, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.

The Powers can help us in a number of ways. I connected to several during a reading to see what the angels themselves could tell me on what the Powers can help us with in our daily lives.

First thing I was shown was that they are excellent at using clairvoyance and clairaudience to get their thoughts across. They didn’t have a similar sense of humor, they did present as serious at first, and lightened up later.

The Powers are pros when it comes to removing negative entities from ourselves, the environment, energy field and energy streams. They made me feel calm and at peace when in their presence, so I suspect they are good at handling the mental energies, as well as fears and beliefs.

More than one presented themselves to me with a very large wingspan, red suspenders (I don’t know if they were trying to be funny here but more than one Power presented themselves with red suspenders), no shirt and red pants or shorts.

“Man wearing a pink shirt with red suspenders”, by Joost Nusselder

I asked of the adjustments made on the average person to make them feel more comfortable and at peace, how much of it was really negative entities in the outer energy field versus internal conflict (psychological, energy imbalances, fears). In other words how much of it was “internal conflict and self sabotage” versus an outside source. I received it was approximately 70% me and 30% outside sources at the time.

I also was shown a “perspective” if you will, like when the eye doctor switches lenses to check your eyes , that allows me to see the blocks and imbalances to clear on myself. All I have to do is think of switching to this “alternate view”, to see the energy blocks, and I will see the energies that need to be removed. In this perspective mode the energies causing the blocks, imbalances, pain, or anxiety even, were removed with ease.

Powers don’t stay with a person for a lifetime as some archangels. Instead they are asked for by God or other angels for help when needed.

The other large responsibility of the Powers revealed to me was reincarnation. The Powers help with the process of reincarnation, along with God. I asked if other angels were largely responsible for the same and I received a no, which is very interesting. Looks like it is more specific to the Powers.

The broad process of reincarnation I was shown was:

  • I saw a crossed over being laying down, and making the decision they want to reincarnate.
  • That being goes up to the “committee” which I saw as a semicircle desk with beings behind it. I was told 3 people in particular help with deciding the reincarnation process, including where in the universe they would go, and how they would come to be reincarnated. This part of the process would include contracts, paths, astrology, numerology if applicable, etc.
  • The being after this has been decided drops down and says goodbye to loved ones.
  • The being then goes to be reincarnated where ever in the universe they are to go.

One interesting fact is they stay strong during the Moon phases, so this full moon I benefited from their peace and tranquility as I learned more about them. The seem unaffected by moon energy shifts.

The last ability of the Powers I noticed recently is that they are able to help with energy streams from groups and communities. What I mean by energy stream is imagine if your family, friends and social media all had their own energy stream, and within it the thoughts and energies from that group. Sometimes if you get stuck in those energy streams, particularly if they are going through something difficult, it can fatigue you, make you anxious or not feel like yourself, I saw them redirect these energy streams so I wasn’t in the direct line of them, but rather had “informational cords” from those stream that allowed me to stay up to date without getting the energy and emotions connected to it. It’s like if you could hook up someone’s emotions and thoughts through a computer, and the computer gave you the plain data without the emotional upheaval and negative energy attached to it. It felt very nice indeed.

I asked the Power I was reading with what symbol they wanted to use to represent themselves, such as Thrones choosing unicorns, and Cherubims choosing puppies. The Power wanted to use a large angel wing with a star in the middle, hence my top image.

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Angels, The Messengers

Photo Source: Andrea Knight

Angels are messengers.

This is one article on my series concerning the hierarchy of angels. Look at my links at the bottom of the page for more on Dominions, Thrones, Cherubim and others.

Angels are considered the first in the ranking of angels. The others that follow include the archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.

Angels can help us in a number of ways. I connected during a reading to see what spirit and the angels themselves could tell me on what they can help us with in our daily lives.

The Blue Bubble Vision: Breaking down negative energies. During the reading they showed me a vision of a blue bubble. I saw smaller particles go towards the outer edge of the bubble and break down the outer wall. When I asked what this was they told me it was an illustration of negative energy being disintegrated. Angels can help disintegrate, ground or transmute negative energies.

Other visions and information that came up about Angels:

  • They can ground energies such as high vibrational energy, healing energy, EMF or anything else that doesn’t belong with you such as other people’s or environmental energy.
  • They can cleanse and energize your crystals.
  • They can cleanse the energy of an object like a chair, or a room. I use this when I trade out my fung shui cures for new ones, neutralizing the energy so I can reuse it for something else or bury it. You can also use it if you are using an object to cleanse a room or the home and need the object cleansed, neutralized.
  • They can calm your crystals down in you have dropped them.
  • They can help you communicate with other beings, such as elementals, nature spirits, and the divine.
  • They can speak to other souls and entities to help calm them down. Sometimes I will use this when a client pays for a reading in the future and their soul or other guides enter my space too early, before their session. I may use these messengers along with others to guide the eager entities to go back to where they came from and to come back if needed when the reading is scheduled to start.
  • I was told they were healers of the body and the soul, and when they told me this they pointed to the heart chakra.
  • They can help give you a feeling of hope, help remove hopelessness.
  • Neutralize or remove high vibrational energy from religious or spiritual objects
  • They can help with your relationships with your family. They told me they were very good at this due to reactions being easier to predict as we have a long history with them, romance not so much as they told me romance is very complicated. They say to go to a higher source such as God for romance. Angels can help with friend relationships as well.
  • They didn’t recommend going to the Angels level for money help, during this reading they recommended going to a level, higher than dominions. Honestly I ask God for help and God filters and delegates if needed.
  • They were not recommended for spiritual or physical hunger (false hunger), they say go to God for that.

They are messengers and can help deliver messages such as

  • Messages concerning death, someone is about to die or did die
  • Deliver messages between yourself and those crossed over when you think of them or pray to them (and vice versa)
  • Delivering what someone is thinking or saying about another to the person they are thinking/speaking of
  • Getting help for you
  • Delivering messages to and from God
  • News about health, about the you or someone you care about
  • Deliver love from other people and those crossed over
  • Deliver or help you notice signs such as hearts, coins, seeing names, through feelings, make you think of them
  • Messages of warning-something that will happen that the person doesn’t want such as repairs around home, the car, something at work, with friends, family, etc
  • Why are the messages not always detailed-sometimes they want to give the person the experience (journey), surprise, some mystery, knowing how everything is interconnected, astrology. They don’t want you to get mad at the universe, God, or angels. It can be complicated as to why the trouble or negative event is forthcoming.
  • Messages to God when you pray and God can even receive them directly
  • When people think of you, about to write/call, look you up, or speak of you, you may get an emotion (can be ENS) or a message in words

Do Angels have fun like Elementals and Nature Spirits (ENS)?

  • Angels like to play games, they are showing me chess, they like to relax, sitting at the beach, play games, they like to have fun and it is not restricted to fairies or elementals.

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