Angel Series: The Seraphim

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This is an article on the Seraphim as a conclusion of my series concerning the hierarchy of angels that started in 2019. The others included in the angels’ ranking include the angels, archangels, principalities, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.


First of all I can say this about the Seraphim. They are so selfless, that when I connected for a chat it’s never about them, they are always asking me how they can help me. Every time I connect during a reading to learn about them, I’d ask what do the Seraphim do, what they were responsible for, and what they wanted people to know about them. In no time they were analyzing me, my life, asking me what they could help me with in my life. Many times I’d be like, wait no, I’m here to learn about you! All of them did this, and that is partially, if not wholly, why this took so long to finish! I think Seraphim was one of the first levels of angels I started with, and turned out to be the last to finish. So, selfless would definitely be a word to describe the Seraphim.

1st Seraphim reading(s):

He/She greeted me with aloha! This was done a long time ago so unfortunately I don’t remember or see the name of the Seraphim in my notes (sorry!). This is what I received from one of the first Seraphim I spoke to:

  • They create control and order, I saw a visual of someone rearranging cords (creating order in the universe)
  • They are high level angels for God
  • They said they are not the highest level of angels, which if you look them up most literature refers to them as the highest
  • Humans don’t call on them generally, they can, but generally don’t. God can assign them if needed, I’ve asked for them from time to time and have received phenomenal results.
  • A name of one of the Seraphim is Seraphiel, I did ask to speak to him a while back. Most, if not all, the Seraphim I spoke to were very clear in a reading.

One article online referred to them as fiery beings. They didn’t represent as fiery to me. I asked if they are fiery, I received a no.

  • I see colors coming out of their hands here, they can affect how people feel, mend the wounded heart in different ways, not just love but grief
  • They make things positive, great transmuters
  • The moon does affect the ocean’s waves on earth but there is also a consciousness that some people tap into when the moon shifts
  • Astrology is not just made up, some elementals carry it out as in your experiences, feelings, energies connected to astrology
  • They are problem solvers
  • They are helpers
  • They travel quite a bit, they go between planes, I see one zooming around earth like superman, they monitor the world
  • They’ve reincarnated as many beings including humans, some animals as well
  • They can zoom into a family or an individual situation, and then zoom out looking at and helping earth in an aerial view (the forest and the trees!)
  • They protect people, care about others, they love people and animals, they also take care of earth as well as energies
  • They can work with elemental planes but there are high level beings on that plane that handle things on that level

Reading #2…or so

In a later reading with another Seraphim, who used the name Galadriel, I was told that a Seraphim may be made of many beings, and I see one being interconnecting with multiple others here. One but many concept here. They are powerful creators, they can create energy, thoughts, movements, they have enough energy to pass inertia, healing, they work with individuals in their earthly life as well as bigger universe projects, their focus is serving God. In this reading Galadriel said that “the earth needs help”, referring and showing me visually pollution and people abusing what we have on the planet.

Photo source: MS Word stock images

Reading #3…or so

In October 2022, I spoke to a Seraphim named Joe. Here is some topics he brought up as well:

  • They are many beings in one, we are interconnected to many beings, to accomplish our tasks
  • They can be autonomous as well as take orders from God
  • They can help with hard diseases, ones with no cures, ones that affect mental, spiritual and/or physically
  • They may help with environmental issues, fires, floods, they would need to be a certain size and affect a certain amount of beings to get to a Seraphim level as there are other beings that may assist in those disasters as well. Even in another visual I see the sky, clouds swirling and moving here, with the concept of issues concerning heating and cooling of the earth. Seraphim are very concerned about pollution, healing spiritually, the earth, sky, ourselves, other angels
  • As for nature spirits and elementals, they don’t heal them generally, they have their own groups of healers and helpers on their plane
  • An interesting note, I also received that they heal God. Think of God at the spa with Seraphim putting cucumbers on His eyes, cotton balls between the toes, and exfoliating facial masks. Even God needs a little break.
Photo source: MS Word, Stock Images


Last but not least, I usually ask for a sign to represent the angel level. I was given a white flower, I saw 5 petals, some stamen in the center, but they said it can be any white flower. Generally how signs go is if you see a white flower and think of Seraphim then it is to remind you of them, to feel connected to All That Is.

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