Angel Series: The Powers

Wing made by Quách Triều,, public domain. Modification with star done by Andrea Knight.

This is an article on the Powers as part of my series concerning the hierarchy of angels. Look at my links at the bottom of the page for more on dominions, thrones, cherubim and others.

The Powers are after the principalities in the ranking of angels. The others included in the angels’ ranking include the angels, archangels, principalities, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim, and seraphim.

The Powers can help us in a number of ways. I connected to several during a reading to see what the angels themselves could tell me on what the Powers can help us with in our daily lives.

First thing I was shown was that they are excellent at using clairvoyance and clairaudience to get their thoughts across. They didn’t have a similar sense of humor, they did present as serious at first, and lightened up later.

The Powers are pros when it comes to removing negative entities from ourselves, the environment, energy field and energy streams. They made me feel calm and at peace when in their presence, so I suspect they are good at handling the mental energies, as well as fears and beliefs.

More than one presented themselves to me with a very large wingspan, red suspenders (I don’t know if they were trying to be funny here but more than one Power presented themselves with red suspenders), no shirt and red pants or shorts.

“Man wearing a pink shirt with red suspenders”, by Joost Nusselder

I asked of the adjustments made on the average person to make them feel more comfortable and at peace, how much of it was really negative entities in the outer energy field versus internal conflict (psychological, energy imbalances, fears). In other words how much of it was “internal conflict and self sabotage” versus an outside source. I received it was approximately 70% me and 30% outside sources at the time.

I also was shown a “perspective” if you will, like when the eye doctor switches lenses to check your eyes , that allows me to see the blocks and imbalances to clear on myself. All I have to do is think of switching to this “alternate view”, to see the energy blocks, and I will see the energies that need to be removed. In this perspective mode the energies causing the blocks, imbalances, pain, or anxiety even, were removed with ease.

Powers don’t stay with a person for a lifetime as some archangels. Instead they are asked for by God or other angels for help when needed.

The other large responsibility of the Powers revealed to me was reincarnation. The Powers help with the process of reincarnation, along with God. I asked if other angels were largely responsible for the same and I received a no, which is very interesting. Looks like it is more specific to the Powers.

The broad process of reincarnation I was shown was:

  • I saw a crossed over being laying down, and making the decision they want to reincarnate.
  • That being goes up to the “committee” which I saw as a semicircle desk with beings behind it. I was told 3 people in particular help with deciding the reincarnation process, including where in the universe they would go, and how they would come to be reincarnated. This part of the process would include contracts, paths, astrology, numerology if applicable, etc.
  • The being after this has been decided drops down and says goodbye to loved ones.
  • The being then goes to be reincarnated where ever in the universe they are to go.

One interesting fact is they stay strong during the Moon phases, so this full moon I benefited from their peace and tranquility as I learned more about them. The seem unaffected by moon energy shifts.

The last ability of the Powers I noticed recently is that they are able to help with energy streams from groups and communities. What I mean by energy stream is imagine if your family, friends and social media all had their own energy stream, and within it the thoughts and energies from that group. Sometimes if you get stuck in those energy streams, particularly if they are going through something difficult, it can fatigue you, make you anxious or not feel like yourself, I saw them redirect these energy streams so I wasn’t in the direct line of them, but rather had “informational cords” from those stream that allowed me to stay up to date without getting the energy and emotions connected to it. It’s like if you could hook up someone’s emotions and thoughts through a computer, and the computer gave you the plain data without the emotional upheaval and negative energy attached to it. It felt very nice indeed.

I asked the Power I was reading with what symbol they wanted to use to represent themselves, such as Thrones choosing unicorns, and Cherubims choosing puppies. The Power wanted to use a large angel wing with a star in the middle, hence my top image.

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