Book Excerpt: Marianne and Cody

Copyright, Andrea Knight, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

An excerpt from my new book “Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Euphoria and Enchantment:

“I was walking along the beach in Oceanside during sunset on my vacation and I received a text message from a regular who was stressed out.

“I haven’t heard from Cody for 5 days, what should I do?” the text message said.

It was Marianne again.  She and Cody had broken up two months prior.  He told her he didn’t have feelings for her and when I read him I received the same.  He was being honest with his feelings.  However she was feeling anxious and very much wanted the relationship to continue.

She had reached out to him recently and he wasn’t answering.

Photo Source: Andrea Knight

Cody seemed like a nice guy.  Very affectionate and straightforward about his feelings.  He didn’t mislead Marianne into thinking he was interested or was “busy”, “it wasn’t the right timing” or anything else that would keep the person hooked and hoping for the future to get better between them.  He was up front and honest that his feelings were not on the same page.

However Marianne didn’t let it go and continued to text and call him. Ultimately after a few calls and text readings with Marianne I discovered…”

Does she get back with him? Does he realize his feelings and reach out to her? Find out by reading my book, currently available on Amazon ebook, paperback and hardcover are all available.

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Copyright, Andrea Knight, 2021. All Rights Reserved.