Book Excerpt: Mark and Claire

Copyright, Andrea Knight, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

*An excerpt from my new book “Soul Mates and Twin Flames: Euphoria and Enchantment:

“Mark was willing to do almost anything to get back together with Claire.  He was willing to change the things he did wrong in the past.

Mark continues, “I just know we can work out long term.  I already have a picture in my head of us having a family together, a farm, children…I picture warm holidays together.  What do I need to do for her to pay attention to me again?  I know I can make it work out this time?”  

I did see they had a twin flame connection.  Losing someone who we feel was the once in a lifetime partner can be hard.  It is filled with regret, sadness, and “what if” mental scenarios. 

Mark met Claire 2 years ago at a spring state fair.  They randomly bumped into each other, and started laughing about it over cotton candy.  Mark and Claire walked around the fairground playing the games, finding the hidden Easter eggs, winning the stuffed animals at the booths, and enjoying the rides together.  They shared a kiss at the end of the night, and looked into each other’s eyes, knowing they had to see each other after that.  They dated for a short time, but all that was a couple years ago.  The relationship fell to the wayside a couple years after that, even after that serendipitous meeting. 

“I reach out to Claire about every month.  She is very attractive, and has been selling jewelry on Etsy, and is active on social media.  She has a huge following.  But most of the time she ignores my texts.  I want to get back together badly, what do I do?” Mark asks.

When reading Claire I saw that…”

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Copyright, Andrea Knight, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

*Mark was switched from Hank, and the story rearranged for blog posting by author.