Depressed or Scared After Your Spiritual Awakening?

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Many people find that fears and depression have increased after their spiritual awakening.  Some of it is because once you discover that we are interconnected you start feeling the energies around you, in the ground, the air, the people you are connected with and those next to you. spiritual awakening

The 3 things that will help lift you up in a hurry are:


1.  Affirmations – Louise Hay has a number of books, the one I own is “Heal your Life”.  Now that you are so good at feeling things do a self-check. Then look up through either Google or the Louise Hay book where you feel sluggish or in pain. This might be an indication of a belief or might be an actual energy block. Affirmations are lovely, quick ways of clearing those blocks and making you feel better.  Say them out loud 3 times or write them three times for intention.

2. Mediation –  I prefer to mediate laying down on my bed with crystals, which enhances the experience and makes it fun for me.  (Check out my chakra crystal sets here)

3. Appreciation – Look around you room and list off the things you appreciate out loud.  Concentrate on something beautiful and focus on the details.  This will help you ground which will make you less sensitive to the energies around you and will also help refocus your energy on to something more pleasant and positive.

4. Grounding – In your efforts to learn more about the metaphysical I have found that my clients become more ungrounded, resulting in mania, fear, loss of self and anxiety.  I highly recommend receiving some grounding.  Feel free to review in more detail the subject here.

5. Turn off the reading mode – I talk a little bit about empathic modes in another article here.  However, another way I have found to cut off the information is to imagine a black door closing.  The category of people or beings I am cutting off is written above the door (“Friends, family, acquaintances”) and I hang a sign on the front.  Sometimes the sign says “Do Not Disturb”, which gives me privacy, and sometimes it says “Be Kind with your Energies and Entities” which slows down the barrage of information coming from them.  Angels blow out any “lights” extending from my crown, third eye and throat chakras indicating that “I’m on” or receiving information.

The other article I would recommend is to review the emotions, actions and thoughts you may have put into the wrong things in the past.  This may have affected patterns you see today in your life.  I was given insight into reversing what you are attracting that is negative to you and replacing it with more of what you want in my article here: Jacob’s Method of Healing: Law of Attraction.

Another good article to review is my article on finding peace here.

Need more tips?  I offer psychic mediumship readings as well as energy healing.  Follow the links to see current services offered.

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