Spiritual Attachments: Have addictions, an obsessive desire for someone or something, or just feel off?

A spiritual attachment is a spirit that has attached itself to your energy field/aura. I see them a little balls of energy usually orange or black. If you see them as cute little fuzzy balls of energy I find it helps me not to react in fear but in love.

Any energy that is not your energy can cause your energy field to be sluggish or you to not feel like yourself at times. Attachments can take advantage of those just getting into the metaphysical or going through a soul mate roller coaster ride.  I ask every day for God to make my energy field a comfortable size for me for 24 hours and it helps me maintain higher energy levels as you pick up less of other people’s negative energy.
There are some common experiences that can happen when you have an unwelcome spiritual attachment, although some can be from having other issues:

-Nausea that a doctor can’t explain
-Aches and pain in different areas of your body (this can be multiple things as well)
-Shoulder, head or neck discomfort
-Your life is very overly melodramatic.
-People around you are over reacting to your presence and things you say. Many times the energy is interfering with your relationships.
-You keep getting ill and cannot seem to shake the cycle of illness.
-Chronic depression
-Drugs and alcohol addictions. Clearing these energies can clear the addiction (also work on fears and beliefs using Theta). Meditate with black stones on your legs and feet

Interested in getting some help? I recommend Theta healing which uses God’s energy to heal. I provide Theta healing over the phone and in person at Psychic Fairs.  Go to www.feathersinfinity.com to set up an appointment.

FREE tips:
1) Before you enter your home ask Archangel Michael or David to remove any spiritual attachments to you that are no longer serving you in the best and highest way. Be present, feel the healing, and wait until you feel better then enter your home.
2) Ask God to put a shield around you every morning that prevents you from having spiritual attachments with entities that have vibrations less than your angels and guides for 24 hours. Visualize an electric field around you and little balls of black and orange bouncing off of them.
3) Theta healing, either learn to do it on your own or find a theta healer (www.feathersinfinity.com)
4) Meditate with stones that specifically help with spiritual attachments. Black tourmaline is one of my personal favorites. Jet, Labradorite, Flourite, blue kyanite are some others.
5) Ask Archangel Raphael during your next meditation to heal your energy field and aura in the best possible way for you.
6) Meditate with crystals and stones, from head to toe, asking your angels to help remove what is no longer serving you and what doesn’t belong to you.
7)  Ask Archangel Michael to remove cords to others who no longer serve you and then visualize him remove them.