Bisexuality and Homosexuality, A Spiritual Perspective

By Andrea Knight

Most of my clients over the years have been heterosexual women asking about their boyfriends, so my new book on soul mates and twin flames uses that demographic as its main audience.  However the info in the book, which would be useful to homosexuals as well, does note I have a blog that discusses homosexuality, so here it is for those interested in the subject.

Bisexuality and Homosexuality

Bisexuality and homosexuality is not a new or recent phenomenon, with literature and entertainment mentioning it as far back as the ancient Greeks. 14  Homosexual behaviors are observed in birds, big cats as well as the great apes. 15  There are a number of studies that measure attraction and sexual behavior, mostly through psychology, zoology and anthropology.  More than one article mentions that scientists have cataloged more than 1000 species that exhibit homosexual behaviors on earth. 15

Let’s talk a little about the spiritual perspective.  If you’ve lived enough past lives you’ve most likely lived as both genders, meaning you could have been a man in a previous life and a woman in this life.  If you remember science and evolution, we started off as single celled organisms and eventually evolved into multicellular organisms with two genders.  Simple celled beings clone themselves in a process of asexual reproduction (think cells or yeast copying themselves and splitting into 2).  It is very possible life on other planets started off using cloning (asexual reproduction) because of its simplicity, as that is how much of the earth’s organisms started.  It is also possible that something else entirely evolved on other planets not isolated to the 2 gender system we have here.  The 2 genders that we know of evolved from a 9 step biochemical process determined by genetics.

Since our souls have lived on other planets and are from different areas of the universe, it is entirely possible we learned to love each other separate from any kind of gender and the fear around the sexual act as we see on earth.  That may be part of the reason why some of my clients may fall in love or feel a strong connection with someone of the same gender, even admit to themselves that it feels significant as a soul mate connection.  We may feel love and attraction based on their soul, their “vibe”, or another attribute other than gender. It would make sense as past life regressions show us to be either gender in past lives and life on other planets may evolve reproduction differently. However, fears of condemnation and lack of knowledge may hold many people back from engaging in a same sex relationship even if they feel this way.

Bisexual taboo

In my experience both in my readings and socially, some bisexuals have admitted to me they don’t like the label and are afraid of calling themselves bisexual, particularly millennials.   I’ve met both bisexual women and men, with many starting off in heterosexual relationships exclusively until they decided to engage in same sex or both gender relationships.  They have the ability to be loyal to one partner at a time, but they have acknowledged that they can have romantic, sexual or deep feelings for those of both genders.   The bisexual taboo really arose in the 1990’s and has resulted in many bisexual people feeling they have to pick a side depending on who they are talking to.  If a bisexual is with a crowd of homosexuals they will call themselves gay instead of bisexual, while simultaneously using the label “straight” when among heterosexuals.

I would recommend mediating on it a bit if you find yourself in this situation, see if you are truly interested in exploring your sexuality.  If not, note it, understand it as we have had many past lives even on other planets in which sexuality may be different, give yourself a mental hug, and move on with how you want your romantic life to be. 


Some clients have either awakened to the fact they have been attracted to the same sex all along and were just suppressing it for familial / cultural reasons, or they become attracted to the same sex for the first time in their midlife.  In the second scenario, when someone realized they are attracted to someone of the same sex for the first time after decades have passed in their lives, may be a situation where they have met a soul mate where the feeling is so strong it makes them think about things they wouldn’t usually.  The first scenario (suppressing their interests for cultural/familial reasons) was quite common in Texas, where women were raised in a certain way before 1997 and moved forward with a heterosexual relationship because they thought they were doing “the right thing”.  Usually in their 40’s or 50’s I found a number of women come out after their children were grown up and out of the house, ending their marriages and pursuing what they felt all along with a woman.  In one case, a lady’s grown daughter had to tell her mother that she (the mother) was gay.  The denial can be so deep that some ignore it and don’t admit it to themselves for much of their lives.  After this conversation the mother did admit it and started to date and pursue same sex relationships.

I would observe and listen to these stories happen over and over again and it created a noticeable pattern.  Social stigmas and fear keep people from expressing their full sexual selves or what they are attracted to. Since homosexuality is natural and we have past lives as either gender, it is to be expected that even with social stigmas in place that people will have these thoughts and desires anyway. 14 15 16 

I also noted that these women that came out later in their lives would have a prejudice against bisexuals.  As I was organizing a meetup for a group of women one lady spoke out and said “no bisexuals allowed!”  I found this odd since she was married to a man for 20+ years and even had children before dating women herself.  What I realized was they saw themselves in these ladies, and were disappointed with themselves for waiting so long to come out.  Their distaste for bisexuals was due to their own personal shame and they were projecting their dishonesty to other bisexuals.

There is nothing wrong with bisexuality, you don’t have to “pick a side”, these ladies are having an internal struggle and are triggered by something they dislike in themselves which they perceive as deceit in others.  Open bisexuals may be mirroring to them their prolonged closeted selves, missing out on years of potential fulfilling relationships that was better than their marriages.

Someone’s soul can have love for someone that is not based on sexual organs or gender alone.  You can unconditionally love someone regardless of gender because you have gotten to know them deeper.  You may run into the instance in your life where you find you have a deep connection, maybe even attraction, to a person that is the same gender as you.  The recommendation I have is ask God for guidance, if this is something to learn from or explore.  If not, and it is just “agape” love or some other deep love, I recommend asking for acceptance and peace around it.  Understand that you can feel connected and even attracted to someone regardless of gender.  I haven’t personally received anything in readings yet that God, angels or celestial beings send homosexuals or bisexuals to a negative underworld due to their sexual orientation.  From my experience it seems that other spiritual beings love heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, asexuals, and others without orientation being an issue.

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